Man Talk — No News Might Be Good News In 2017



New Year's Eve gives us a great opportunity to put into practice the buzz word of the moment a 'Pivot'

Why no news is going to be good news this year

New Year's Eve gives us a great opportunity to put into practice the buzz word of the moment a 'Pivot'. From the stroke of midnight lots of us make the decision we are going to change our lives for the better. We announce that the new year is a turning point. From losing weight, and drinking less. Or reflecting on our character and telling everyone we are going to be nicer people from now on. You can take your pick from the same old tried, tested and failed list of new year resolutions that despite the best intentions have usually been broken by the end of day one.

I was a serial offender in the giving up stakes. One year at Lent I had broken the not eating chocolate rule after half an hour. This year I thought I'd give my new year life changing resolution some proper thought. What would make my world a better place. What can I commit to long term. Having considered my faults and failings (of which their are many). I have decided that this year I'm going to cut down on my news intake.

I have become so bloated with over indulging on 2016's bad news. I know that trying to totally abstain from the news would be I'm going to limit myself to smaller more basic portions. I reckon that If I can kick my constant craving for the latest news , then cutting out all my other faults will be a piece of cake.( Giving up cake will be my next pivot)

When your addicted to keeping up with everything that is going on in the world, trying to kick the habit is going to be tough. Especially when their always someone ready to give you your news feed twenty four seven.

Anyone with a similar habit will recognise the binge triggers. It might be a news flash breaking into a programme, or the breaking news banner flashing brightly across the TV screen. These are the calling cards of a potentially long and extended news session, once hooked I find it difficult to switch off. And it's not just the TV that keeps me held captive. If a story is a good one, it will be newspapers as well. Then come bedtime and I top up my cravings via talk radio.

The year of 2016 was like over indulging at the all you can eat rotten news buffet. We we're continually presented with plate after plate of bad stuff. It takes a major 'pivot' like New Years Eve before you finally say 'I'm stuffed, enough is enough'.

It is therefore with some trepidation that I declare that for 2017 my news intake will be rationed. I will try and put the world and its ongoing shenanigans in a personal perspective.i will be Leaving the worrying to those who want the burden. I'm taking a break. I'm sure come the 1st of January 2018, My in tray will be stacked high with unresolved issues from the next twelve months news for my to dissect if I'm interested. However until then, during 2017 no longer will I be like a pig in the proverbial come the top of the hour. The bongs of the ten o'clock news will be a reminder to turn off. My unhealthy diet of plate after plate of bad news will end. From the first of January. I will be on a healthy diet of things that are good News, with just enough bad news information to get by .

A news day lite, at first may leave you with cravings, and wondering whats going on? What have I missed? But I'm sure once my enquiring mind gets over the withdrawal symptoms. The urge for the details will become less and less. If all goes to plan, and for once I stick to my New Year resolution, eventually no news really will be good news.

Happy New Year Everyone

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