Day 18 Manifest Desired Life Master Key to Manifestation



How to train your subconscious mind for desired manifestation?Here is a Spell to Practice and be your own Destiny Maker. [Author Anirudh Dhodapkar,writing a Series for his next book- here is the Link to all articles being updated Everyday-]

Day 18

Manifest Desired Life

Master Key to Manifestation- 

"Training your Subconscious Mind"

Your Subconscious Mind is your ultimate resource to manifest all your desires.

It is the Master key to open floodgate of desired life.


This is the place where you create your KARMA and KARMA creates your destiny.

This is where you are united to divinity.

being attuned with divinity is one and only purpose of life,whatever we are inspired to 'want' is basically what takes us one step closer to become,what is known as GOD or SATAN.

We have complete freedom to be what we want to be.

There is only one law.

God thinking lead to GOOD and bad thinking will lead to BAD manifestation.


Your 'sleeping hours' are your workshop to manufacture your destiny.

As you close your eyes to sleep- Just give your mind one simple instruction-just feel whatever you want to manifest and say unto yourself-

"Now I may subconscious mind to manifest."

This is a terrific spell.

In fact more you practice this ,more your 'subconscious powers' attracts the solutions.Making this a habit will enable you to grab right opportunities and give up futile leg work in manifesting your desires.

Ways of sub conscious manifestation are effortless.

Feel your desire effortlessly manifested,feel it in every detail and keep on detailing your 'desire'-as it develops, soon you will find it manifested to 'conscious' touch and experience word.

Read and practice this spell as much as you can as this is here to make you destiny maker.

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