THE MOB MENTALITY by Rhonda L. Jackson






The MOB CAN FORM FAST REALLY FAST! But sometimes they don't dissipate as fast as they form. Case in point a couple of weeks back Beyoncé put out a song called Lemonade! Now I am not into Beyoncé as some people are I guess I am just too old for that music. At any rate, people began to speculate about her song and before anyone can say boo there was infidelity in her marriage and a woman or two to blame as the trollop trying to break up her happy marriage to Jay Z! Again, Beyoncé's music is not my sound, however, isn't she kind of known for those types of songs. You know the "I am not going to put up with a philandering man song." Seems I have heard that type of theme from her in a couple of her songs. My point is the mob that formed and came for those two women. This mob was equipped with their pitch forks and torches and they were taking no prisoners. In talking about this mob mentality I have to mention the mob going after BILL COSBY right now. Now I realize there are 50 plus women claiming sexual impropriety at the hands of Dr. Cosby but there are many variables to consider!!! First it was the 60's when supposedly this began! Now the 60's was a quagmire of social revolution in America while at the same time the old rules were still applying. Now in 1960's if a white girl accused a Black man of rape that Black man was doomed!!! I don't care if he was rich and famous his rich and famous black ass went to jail or worse remember this is America! Also in the 1960's the quagmire of social revolution was a time to push back on the status quo and no one benefitted more from this push back more than the white woman. "Free love" is want it was called so the end of old taboos it was just what white women wanted!! They could experience their free love because they had their birth control pills and their freedom to screw anyone and everyone and they did!!! I have never met Bill Cosby but I do know that 50 plus women over a 50 year period is excessive BUT no one reported the incident right after it happened or 6 months later or 1 year later or 6 years later. I am just saying one of these women after waking up and realizing that they had been drugged and raped should have thought well maybe I should report this to the police!! One woman alleges rape then the MOB FORMS!! Also, if the women on 20/20 is an example of the women claiming to be assaulted I say WELL DAMN!! What I heard were women who said they performed a BLOW JOB on Dr. Cosby. Now there are times when a sexual assault CAN NOT be defended by a woman BUT the BLOW JOB hints of cooperation BECAUSE in order to get the penis in the mouth the lower jaw has to open THEN once the penis is in the mouth there is at least implied trust that the mouth won't just bite this penis off!! I think these women are confusing being cajoled with being raped!! Now Dr. Bill Cosby is of course NOT without sin!! I am sure he did many things and some of these women may have had legitimate reasons to file criminal charges against him 10 to 50 years ago but they didn't WHICH IS NOT TO SAY SOMETHING BAD DIDN'T HAPPEN TO SOME OF THEM!!! There was a lady who said she was 17 years old when her aunt introduced her to Bill Cosby. I'm not talking about the woman who met Bill Cosby at Hugh Hefner's house I'm talking about the other lady. Almost sounds as though her aunt may have pimped her out. At any rate, Bill Cosby is smart enough to know if an older relative is setting you up then the girl is too young! This kind of mob mentality does not benefit the millions of women in America who are raped! STOP IT!!!





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