Man Talk- British Weather = Seven Seasons In One Day



Hi all Something a little bit 'Weathery' this week



For anyone who has been on holiday to the so called sun spots of Europe over the last few weeks, they would have had an awful time. Biblical floods and and monstrous downpours have spoilt what is for many their annual trek to the sun. Like the mass migration of wilder-beasts across the plains of Africa, us pasty coloured Brits, pack up our factor fifty and our coco butter and in our millions follow the herd and hopefully head to all parts sunny.

For our continental brothers and sisters, the success of a holiday can be quantified by a box ticking exercise of how many towns and tourist attractions visited. For the majority of Brits going abroad The enjoyment level of our annual vacation will be measured on a far more base level. How many daylight hours of rain was have. It's an unwritten holiday rule that a downpour between the hours of midnight and six AM is allowed, but any incursion outside those hours will be the starting point for any future conversation that begins 'how was your holidays'

The weather and all its manifestations is the talking point that unites us. It's the icebreaker for a first meeting and the go to subject when the conversation begins to flag. We are nation that prides itself on the British tradition of Bank holidays always being cold and wet. And celebrate when its hotter in New Brighton than in Marbella

Just one hot day,and it's front page news. 'Scorchio' we declare, and an emoji of a sweating sun or photograph of a packed beach proves the point. Day two and it's still hot and we are discussing heatwaves, and hose pipe bans. Should we have a third day of sun and we start to get worried, it's all climate change and global warming.

We are very particular about our British climate. We love our freak weather patterns. What would we talk about if we didn't have snow in September or monsoons in May.

This mornings I was listening to the news on the radio, and their was a report that in London motorists woke up to find frost and ice on their cars. That was after the heatwave of last week. What's all that about we were asking . Its freaky weather like that which raises the unique 'Brit-centric' weather dilemma of how do we dress for the day? Should we put on a big coat, or take a brolly, maybe we might need to wear a hat and scarf? And what if it warms up, then we will be to hot, and we Brits don't like being to hot , but we don't want to be cold so maybe we should bring a coat just in case. Phew!! ....British weather is like seven seasons in one day, and we wouldn't have it any other way.



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