Who is the "Real" Donald Trump?



Understanding why Trump was elected, the difference between an "alpha male" and a misogynist, and how the fear of people of color leads to racism

In the post 9/11 era -- which for tens of millions of Americans was most of their childhood and/or young adult lives -- we were bombarded by the media and politicians with a fear of non-white people of non-European descent; in particular, those from the Middle East. After all, we were told that they somehow snuck into our country to perpetrate those unspeakable acts of terrorism we all watched played over and over on our television sets.
If that wasn't enough, in the build up to the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, then Libya and now Syria, the daily drumbeat by pundits and government press agents has been that the "evil doers" are everywhere and they must be stopped. The TV is chock full of images of refugees flooding into Europe and bombs going off in cities. There are countless stories of women being raped and assaulted by "these people." This stuff is all over newscasts, social media and flowing out of the mouths of government officials and the, so-called, journalists.
They also constantly warn us that these same foreigners want to do us harm here; and that we must be vigilant. They have also shown us over the years, how our borders are porous, and if drug dealers and human traffickers can get through, then so can the terrorists. This is the message we have been given.
Now taking all of that as a backdrop, is there any wonder that those who were scarred to death by 9/11, and those who were trained to fight that enemy overseas, along with the families of those patriotic men and women, as well as the people at home watching and hearing all of this constantly; is it any wonder that they would be afraid of foreigners, and even harbor feelings of hatred for what they did, have done since, and what we are told they will do again?
This is the root cause of the xenophobia spreading throughout the U.S. and Europe.  It's  symptomatic of years of conditioning us to support the war efforts and protect the homeland. What you have to understand here is that the majority of Americans are downright scared. Scared of the unknown, scared of people of different cultures, people of different religions, fear of people of different skin colors. They're afraid of losing their jobs, their way of life -- even the lives of themselves and their family. Yes, people are downright frightened of what this world is becoming.
Not ALL of these people are racists and xenophobes; in fact, the majority of Americans live, work and socialize with people of other races and creeds all the time. Inter-racial, inter-religious, and inter-cultural marriages are at an all time high in the U.S.
So what is all this media talk about Trump supporters ALL being racists?
Trump received approximately 60 million votes; and, as we all know, there were surely tens of millions of Trump supporters that simply didn't vote -- just as there were tens of millions of Clinton supporters who never went to the polls. The point is, perhaps as many as 80 million or more people found common ground with the message Trump delivered. And the fact is, there are not physically that many uneducated, poor, prejudice, white men of voting age in this country. 
The vast majority of Trump voters were mostly people who wanted change, or didn't trust Hillary Clinton, or they were afraid that their cities might start looking like those European cities they see on the news. In short, they are a product of the news media and (establishment) government that planted these ideas into their brains over the last decade and a half. And, the fact that under an African-American president there seemed to be more violence against Blacks and imprisonment of people of color than ever before, Trump surprisingly had notable support from these constituencies -- though this is shocking to many people.
As for the man himself... his actions, his associations over the years, as well as his pontifications from the pulpit don't paint him as racist; rather as a man with the same fears of the tens of millions of other Americans. Did he have supporters who were racists? Definitely. Could he have been more outspoken against them? Yes. However, in the end, as he mentioned in this acceptance speech, he pledged to work for ALL Americans; and I think in this area we need to give him the benefit of the doubt.
He went to visit the Mexican president during his campaign, and the Mexican president called him and congratulated him on winning the election. Trump is more of a negotiator than people understand. When push comes to shove, the solution to immigration in America will be solved pragmatically, not radically.
Next to the women...
A misogynist is defined as a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women, in another words, a woman-hater. Trump, may be many things, but one thing he is not, is a woman-hater. In fact, Trump loves women, he's infatuated with them -- both physically as well as intellectually. 
He surrounds himself with women, his companies have women in power positions, and he loves his wife, sister, daughters.
What Trump is, is what is referred to as an "Alpha Male." Some people might know these types as jocks, extroverts, high-achievers, over-performers; and yes, political leaders. This type of individual is usually a "player;" meaning, someone who dates a lot of women, has had many sexual encounters. Jack Kennedy, Bill Clinton -- even Martin Luther King, Jr. also had their share of encounters with many females. The type of women attracted to this kind of man is usually one who is drawn to success, money and power. What most people don't know about these guys is, that when they fall in love, they fall in deeply.
What I'm trying to get at here is that, Donald Trump is a gregarious, braggart with a trash mouth. His "locker room" remarks are the kind of thing that most guys growing up heard from guys like that in high school, college through to the country club. It's distasteful, crude and wrong; but it's mostly just talk. It's just the kind of talk that most women find abhorrent (and rightly so).
Now please, don't take this as some sort of paean to Trump. It's just with so much focus on the words "racist" and "misogynist" in the media, I felt the need to clarify the terms as they apply to the guy. So many times people are quick to judge a person solely on character flaws, bad judgement and mistakes, that they don't see things clearly and in perspective.
Apart from the negatives about Donald Trump, the strengths of the man are in his negotiating skills. He has pledged to work with other nations to find solutions other than endless wars -- yes, this is the kind of stuff he talked about in his speeches. Whether he succeeds or not, he's going to try to fix the crumbling infrastructure in this country, deal with the Wall Street robber barons, improve the health care system, get veterans the aid they need, and a litany of other things in his platform.
I know some are saying, "this guy is a troll for Trump," but I'm really not. I'm just fed up with the media obsessing over the wrong issues. I'm suffering like most other people in this country. I can't afford to pay my bills. I'm a few missed payments away from losing my house or having the water and electricity turned off.
I'm willing to give this outsider a chance. And the fact that I don't talk about women the way he does, or that I haven't been scarred by the media into fearing foreigners; doesn't mean I'm willing to flush this democracy down the toilet. Besides, there's a lot we all can do in our communities to help solve the big problems facing us all.
I want representation in Washington that will challenge Wall Street, that doesn't want conflicts with every nation around the world; and yes, someone who will at least try to fix the infrastructure, and hopefully create real jobs with decent wages.
That's that. Please don't turn this into an argument. I just wanted to clarify some points and to move the discussion to the things that the media won't focus on; namely, the struggle of life for most Americans.
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