God created



Creating — God's purview


One Christmas morning, many years ago, my mother and I missed the bus which would take us to the 5 a.m. special service at our church some distance away. We then decided to visit a small church within walking distance of  home. We had never attended this church and I found their order of service a bit strange, but they were singing the usual Christmas carols so it seemed all right.

What I remember most about the service was the sermon in which the pastor argued that there had only ever been one conception — Mary's, and that word 'conception' should never be used for any other woman's pregnancy.

I am not sure if his mostly female followers understood him, but they all heartily agreed with their 'amens'. I was about fifteen at the time and couldn't follow his line of reasoning. But, recently, I have come to realize the limitations of our vocabulary in certain respects, because we often use the same word for both spiritual and secular ideas sometimes diluting impact.

I have been thinking, in particular, about the word 'creativity', which, according to the Oxford English dictionary, 'involves the use of the imagination in order to create something'. This applies to a multitude of human activities. Like the pastor, I am wondering if we shouldn't use that word only in relation to God's actions and find another for our man- made accomplishments. Then this 'sort of' poem came to me

 God Created .. .

Our most harmonious music merely mimics that of heaven

Our most profound words are inexact records of God's thoughts

Our most beautiful pictures are but shadows from Paradise

In the beginning, God created . . . God created . . . God created . . .

The best of us fall short of creation

Producing distant echoes of that which God created


 Then I saw this picture of an albino peacock on facebook. Nothing more to say


albino peacock


And this


mandarin duck


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