Democracies become BANANA Republics by Election Funding Law



We are on verge of Electing Candidates and Political Parties sponsored by International Syndicates who fund Drugs,weapon dealers and Politicians by same pocket.

If you look at the quality of candidates in US or Indian Elections for Presidents and MP'S or PM'S you immediately notice that either notorious corrupt criminals or jokers are projected as candidates and whosoever wins from any party,he/she will serve only people who fund the campaigns and not the people who VOTE them to power.


Voters are getting themselves fooled by absolutely third grade TV publicity by candidates and scoops after scoops,where are real issues?

USA elected George W Bush and UK elected Tony Blair ,who brought Terrorism to doorsteps of USA,UK and Europe.Who are  the people who projected these guys as candidates.And how Voters voted for them?

Root cause of wrong people getting elected lies in Election campaign funding, No self respecting honest person in our democracies will be able to enter in political parties forget about being nominated for election by same parties.Why So?

Because people who are funding these parties and candidates are the same people who fund some of the Terrorist Networks and Weapon Manufacturers also ,that is why political parties and Terrorists both are rich and Common people pay taxes for running governments.

Just think what will happen if Election Campaign Funding and Donations will be Banned and everyone will get equal opportunity to contest elections.

Will you not have better and honest people than Hilary Clinton or Donald trump?

When Public is spending so much on running governments,let government only under a auditor distribute equal resources and platforms to all candidates.

This is necessary if we do not want nations on the name of Democracies being run by Jokers and Impostors and Puppets.

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