Little dots make huge monuments. We cage ourselves too much. Connect those dots...

As little as dots are, a good number of them will form any alphabet when properly arranged. That is why I know that little is all I need to become big.
It’s okay to be little. It’s also enough to be little. Little is all you need be. When you’re little enough you can do just about anything. The alphabet “A” is too big to form the alphabet “I” but about 5 dots stacked on each other are enough to do the trick.
Your problem isn’t that you have a little jar of oil. It’s rather that you haven’t learnt to use the little you have. Those who have large oil cauldrons all started off with little jars. They learnt to grow their little jars. Jars could very well be seeds. Plant them in whatever kind of good soil you have and the result will amaze you.
Honestly, most of us live caged in prisons. These prisons are walled by self-pity, doubt, fear, inferiority complex and a mediocre mindset. The worst feature of these prisons is that they are self built and self inflicted. It doesn’t make sense to jail yourself. You’re both the jailer and the prisoner. Both of yourselves are in uniforms. None of yourselves is free. Come on!
These prisons are the reason the guy with little, which is actually more than enough, thinks he's handicapped. That is absolute nonsense. Don't be your own funeral dirge singer. You can choose to be your own best friend. Choose to too. Can you laugh? You're a star. Can you sneeze? You're made! Can you eat? Come on, you're already sky high. You don't need to know how to code. You mustn't even know what it means to code. All you need do is take the little you have and sow it. Invest it by growing it and using it to help others. That's all you need to do. Develop your laugh capacity. Develop your sneeze ability. And use it to help others. Just sneeze free for someone.
The world only needs one of you. And the world really needs one of you. Poor, little you is enough for the world. So, shake off the dust from your nose and wipe the tears in your frown. Little is more than enough if it is a seed. Every seed is more than a forest. Don't bottle your seed up and still stand guard over it.
Something else, prisons are mind games. Nobody can imprison you. You alone have the power to do that. Left to you what choice would you make? Think about it. Won't you rather be free? — free to be little and to grow big? Won't you rather be free to walk open spaces and sunny beaches? Won't you rather be free to make right choices? When options are eliminated before the start of the test we become impartial. And we're way too impartial to ourselves. We set the test, eliminate the right options and then of course we decide we have failed.
I'd rather be free to start little. I'd rather be free to choose. I'd rather be free to sow little seeds and watch them, maybe slowly, mature to huge forests. Connect those little dots...


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