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This is a letter that I sent to the Publisher of the New York Times Mr. Sulzberger. Suggest that us indie authors and publishers start writing letters of this kind to all the media book review outlets. It's time for our work to be recognized...Don't you think? You can use this as a template, correct it add to it edit, etc. but lets start doing something. Best to all of you, Armando Dear Mr. Sulzberger., I am writing you with the hope that you will interest yourself in the plight of independent authors and publishers who continue to be systemically blocked from having their material fairly read by publishing professionals, i.e.; Literary Agents, Publishers, and Professional Media Reviewers, including print, TV and radio, etc. And, accepted by major distributors like, Baker and Taylor: When us independent authors approach these entities to apply for representation we are given a universal response to only our queries getting a request to view the entire manuscript amounts to a miracle. Agents: ”Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to say that due to commitment to our present clients, we cannot offer to read your material. We wish you the best of luck in your search for representation.” Major Publishers: “Penguin Random House LLC does not accept unsolicited submissions, proposals, manuscripts, or submission queries via e-mail at this time.” Media Organization: NY Times book review requirements: All publishers are welcome to send material for review consideration, but please be aware that we review only a very small percentage of the books we receive and the odds against a given book receiving a review are long indeed. So before you send galleys or books you should familiarize yourself with the kinds of books we do and do not review. For example, we only review books published in the United States and available through general-interest bookstores. Book stores like Barnes and Noble will only display titles from major publishers. So, in other words you need to get a union card before you get the job and a Job before you get the union card? In the long and short of it Amazon and other online retailers are the only place in which to retail our books and get reader reviews. My recent books: “The Hester Street Kids”, and “Schism, Something is Amiss in Heaven Again! Have been getting all five-star reviews. But with the reviews from major media outlets they are doomed to remain undiscovered in a mass of independent work online. Mr. Sulzberger, I know the Times depends upon the revenue from its advertisers (major publishers) But, Journalists have another responsibility…a greater one: to be an advocate of the greater good. I would be glad to send you copies of my two recent books for your assessment as to their level of professionalism and possible reader interest. Hopefully, to spark you open a door for a read from your book review editor and, also to spark an artivle from one of your reporters about the nervous breakdown the publishing industry in having. Thanks for any consideration you may wish to given my petition. Best. Armando Minutoli, Author, Screenwriter

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