The Learner's Monologue IV



The Enemy Within

“But what if I discover that the very enemy himself is within me, that I myself am the enemy who must be loved- what then?”- C. G. Jung

When we consider our strategies to achieving success, we almost always cater for the possibility of a human obstacle who may likely want to stand in the way of our dreams. And so, getting rid of him automatically becomes part of the success plan. Whether we now intend a pleasant eventuality for him or not, we have figured him to be an enemy and we just want him out of the way, pronto!

But there are times when this enemy character is just somewhere inside of us. Something like a negative-minded alter-ego, always questioning every new answer; providing a new problem for every new solution; exception for every suggestion made. Think of the brightest ideas you have ever suggested to yourself; the ones that didn’t eventually enjoy the privilege of actualization and you will remember the voiceless voice at the back of your mind, explaining flip-sides to the bright side you were already busy considering in your mind.

These bright ideas sprout in your mind and this negative inside fellow is there already- negating every new-found innovation and giving seemingly logical reasons why this project isn’t worth a try or why that plan will fail woefully.

Here is how to fight off this guy,

  1. Do not give room for his negative messages; his authority will continue to fester as his toxic message continue to make more sense to you.
  2. Do not set yourself up as a theory expert, who is merely a theory person such that your life becomes bereft of positive actions to vent to your beautiful ideas.

We can just agree now that the idea of an enemy within is the flip-side of being a perfectionist; of trying to make the ‘perfect plan’ before swinging into action. However, a no-risk life, it is said, is a dangerous life. Just like it has been said that if we have to wait until something is done so perfectly that nobody could find fault with it, then nothing will be done.

So the next time you cook up those bright ideas in your head, don’t listen to the many things that could go wrong. Focus, instead, on the many other positive things that show great promises and deserve your sincere attention.

The enemy of the perfect plan is the wait for the perfect plan. There is no such thing as a perfect plan and that is why the negative voice within keeps fingering the insignificant imperfections in the great many number of bright ideas that come and go. Quit the doubting, seize the moment…

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