Matrimonial Hell



Marriage is far more than the perfect gown and a room filled with yawning critics.

Every relationship, marriage or circumstance will obviously differ. We can even slam the Bible and await the ceremonial minister to whisper “I now pronounce you husband and wife”. Let’s not forget the most powerful of all; what God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Do we fully comprehend this statement?

Shall we conclude with certainty the meaning behind the words or eagerly accept the interpretation of whomever release the command?  

Considering the possibility that just maybe we tend to join with people who were not chosen by our God? Regardless of what one's spiritual belief-system may or maybe be; many adults lack the will, patience, or divine guidance to select with a wise eye.  

We have a feel good society. Tarnished with superficial eyes, leading lonely hearts to gravitate towards temporal enjoyment.

Countless singles drift into marriage seeking self-gratification with little focus on what they will give up or modify to enrich the life of a chosen partner. Furthermore some neglect taking full advantage of "single-time"! The absolute best time in any adults life. You are free to be, think, and live on your terms. One must maximize the blessing in living an unrestricted lifestyle while coming to terms with the person inside.  Moreover developing as individuals before taking on the responsibility of sharing your existence with another soul.

It is nearly impossible to successfully join with a potential partner, when you are not certain of what you are offering. If we are not completely aware of our own spiritual dynamics, how can we freely give what we are unable to ascertain?

Far too many pedantic details surrounding glitzy theatrical wedding ceremonies. The dress   

Marriage is twofold. We are only responsible for what we deposit.  By concentrating on what we inject into the union and allowing the other half the freedom to give his/her part releases us from the added pressure. No one person can or should take on the full responsibility of retaining the union.


for the partnership.  and if your partner does not make the effort to contribute equally, ask yourself, where is the union? The marital scale must be balanced in order to find long-term success.


Many times, if we are not knowledgeable or experienced enough, God will allow us to choose whomever we wish, and then watch us run in circles trying to maintain a union that He never intended. For those who walked the tight line of an unfulfilling marriage, attempt to educate your peers. Remind them of the overall responsibility of taking on a potential partner.


Infidelity is a symptom, not the disease. More often than not, the disease is marrying before you know yourself, which can aid in marrying the wrong people for selfish reasons. Introducing children into dysfunctional unions is where the real damage to our society begins. 

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