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This is the first of my health/fitness blogs. Hoping to motivate people to think about their fitness, or better yet put those thoughts into action!. Aiming to do one every 2 weeks. Feedback would be appreciated so that I can improve.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical or sports science professional. Everything I write is based on my personal experience and knowledge, in the hope that it helps people like myself who are interested in learning about the hows and whys of keeping fit. Nothing I will write in any of my health and fitness blogs is intended to replace professional help, diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. If you feel unwell in yourself, you should seek a GP, doctor, or Psychiatrist. 


Ok..... well....

...it doesn't have to be a bike, but get ''on it!'' (it being life)

To live more we must, and I mean MUST get into action and get ourselves moving more!! — unless of course you are mega fit already — in which case, well done — keep ''on it'!')

Movement is of course not the only thing it takes to be healthy. I will in the near future write a blog called What it takes which will cover what it takes to be healthy, and also how our bodies might be tricking ourselves into believing we are doing what it takes, but for now I would just like to provoke thought about fitness. 

There are many reasons why getting back into fitness can be perceived as difficult. Nothing that is not believed is real, and vice versa. In other words to turn yourself from potato into a nice lean tasty piece of steak is easy —  if you believe it is! You don't have to have a sexy super model figure to be fit, but when you are fit you feel sexy (or sexier than you do if you are unfit).

Granted even if you are unfit physically you can feel sexy mentally, this is not a bad thing — in fact mental state is half the battle when it comes to fitness. With that said being physically fit has all kinds of positive benefits on the endocrine and nervous system, which control how our entire bodies feel and function. (I will expand on the Science in later blogs) 

Fitness is not a look. It is a state of mental and physical capability and its link with well being makes being fitness a feeling of happiness which drives greater endurance and physical capacity. So basically if you are fit you generally feel fan-freekin-tastic! What more reason need there be than to be motivated to feel good?

On the other side of the spectrum, if you are unfit, you probably do not feel well, or at least you do not feel at your best. Of course our bodies naturally become less healthy as we age, we might become ill (mentally or physically) and this can impact how much care we take of our health, nevertheless it is still possible to reach a personal optimum level of fitness no matter what other factors are at play. 

If we are not in a state of 'flow/fintess' the body will not be functioning at full capacity, and we are less likely to feel motivated to get the ball rolling again. One might even believe they are unable to attain fitness, but of course we can! Anything is possible! A baby can not run before it can walk, we can start with baby steps. We can start with help. Any action we take to get back 'on it' has to be done ourselves and can begin now, today. It is important to learn how to be healthy, to refresh your memory, and although it is something we have to do ourselves, ourselves does not mean alone. Support is available from doctors, and/or from ''fitness/health and well being'' groups.

Let's face it, it can feel hard to start up again. Once we let ourselves slip a little, it is easy to slide down the slippery slope of Couch-Potato-DOOM - and I mean DOOM since being unfit is a threat to our life. For this reason one of my first few blogs will be entitled '' Getting fit again — Rome was not built in a day'' and will include tip on how to get 'on it' again following any period of unfitness. 


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