As I age, these thoughts resonate even louder than ever... Feel free to add your own...

Enjoy every day you are alive for that in its own right is simply a divine miracle.

Your time is and has always been limited. Enjoy beauty in all and rejoice within.

Life is simply a never-ending succession of impressions entwined and absorbed within the sovereign divine expression of personal freedom.

Others may seek to sway or influence but always be ready to be inspired and embrace your own inner voice of wisdom.

Turn down the incarnate crescendo of life and simply listen.

Be brave to always stand your ground but wise enough to seek compromise if in the wrong.

Take chances with people and opportunities for who knows where they may lead.

Shine your light to those when you can whenever you can for life is sometimes a never ending fight, for others and sometimes even for yourself.

Lift up those around you and put Pride and Ego alongside its many inherent emotions to one side when you too reach out and seek help.

For you yourself, within the myriad of conflicting emotions that constitutes the real you, you too are simply your own divine being experiencing Life and all the interconnected moments you willingly invite.

Be the best you can be within all situations and always be ready to seize Life.

It’s why you were born.

To be simply sublime!

Your Life is and always has been a message to the World.

What will yours say?

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