SHOOTINGS by Rhonda L. Jackson





When is enough, going to be enough? The stupid argument that guns don't kill people kill was lost when 20 year old Adam Lanza walked into a Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 20 babies 6 and 7 years old after being coaxed by his crazed mother!! But 20 babies was not enough to reform gun laws!! No, we were told guns don't kill people, people kill people. We were told especially in Texas to go out and buy DAMN guns and learn how to shoot and be ready for the hoard. If you and your family are Black the hoard would be made up of crazed white people coming to enslave you! If you and your family are white the hoard would be made up of crazed Black people coming to rape your wives and daughters and steal your stuff! We were told that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun!! Teachers were told to have loaded guns in their classrooms so THEY could protect themselves and their students!! We were told that assault weapons were no more dangerous than any other gun! We were told that Muslims and Mexicans were out to kill Americans indiscriminately and we needed to be ready!! Everybody should have a gun and should know how to shoot one! We were told, WE WERE FUCKIN TOLD!! The ironic thing is at the same that the NRA and crazy republicans and waaaay too many democrats were telling us this crazy shit at the NRA annual convention GUNS WERE BANNED!!! How wild is that shit? Now since those 20 TWENTY BABIES were killed we have had so many random shootings that it is common place and gun sales increase after each shooting!!! We are now sensationalizing these killings more by empathizing the number dead!! FOURTY-NINE DEAD now the next shooter (and there will be a next shooter) 49 will be the number to beat!!! Now it's time to play the blame game. The second wife of Omar Mateen has no responsibility in this shooting!!! How could she? She's not a prognosticator no one could have predicted something as horrible as this, so leave this poor woman alone!!! She has to figure out how she is going to raise her son and make her living!!! Hell the FBI decided he was no real threat!!! Now there are some people that hold some responsibility in this horrible incident!! The parents of Omar Mateen who allowed their religion to deny their son of his authenticity. Those other hyper-religious wingnuts who have decided their beliefs should supersede people's civil rights!! Gun laws who allow assault weapons to be sold to the general population!!! Karl Rove and the George W. Bush Administration who used the gay people to detract the American public from the two wars he started in the middle east. Stupid Donald Trump and his continued rants of hate! Blaming won't bring any of those killed back but REAL CHANGE of our false belief that owning guns makes us safer and an assault weapon is just another gun may allow us to think that their deaths were not in vain.





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