Trump Followers/Supporters by Rhonda L. Jackson



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It seems everyone is trying to figure out the mindset of Trump supporters. Why are they backing an admitted bigot/racist/misogynist! What are these people lacking? What do they really want? Well I don't think it is a what that they want at all! I think it is a when! WHEN do they really want? They want to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN they are nostalgic for a time when America was that house on the hill (these are crazy Reagan's words). So lunatic Donald Trump wants to take America back to a time when things were great. Maybe it was the time before Donald Trump was conceived when his parents could have been spayed and neutered. Aaaahhh the good old days! Maybe at the turn of the of the millennium around September 11, 2001! Or let's go back to September 11, 1991! But I think the Trump followers and supporters are talking more about no matter what month and day it is as long as it is in the 1950's!! Yes the 1950's when women were pregnant and barefoot and cooking their man some food. When Black people knew their places and stayed in them. When if you wanted to speak with the manager he was a white male when there was order and all was right with the world!! Now when one asks for the manager and it could be anyone. They could be an African American male or female! The manager could be Hispanic or Asian straight or obviously gay or heaven forbid MUSLIM! So Trump followers/supporters yearn for that time in America when white men were all the rage when being a white male was just about one needed to assure success with little or no effort. WELL TOUGH NOOGIES that time is gone and never to return!! And to add salt to your open womb it will just worse. Prepare yourselves, your entitled asses for some real unrelenting COMPETITION PLUS EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK!!!!

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