So you say I am selfish — with my time...



None needed... (caution, non-sexually explicit language)

so you say i am selfish – with my time?

and you likewise believe

– as a matter of fact –

to have some unrestricted license

– born in the self-inflicted
psychosomatic illness of your enfeebled
psychopathic mind –

like some unassailable privilege
to waste my measured time and life,
then the insulting audacity of issuing
a grievance against my necessary
zealous self-preservation?

you obtuse fuck!


i care not the least of rat droppings
about your infantile desires
or so-called needs or wishes
for in the end,
no one will care the least shit

– certainly and most of all not you –

how much of my [in]valuable,
very limited lifetime
i am left with,
nor if it has been
subtly or rapaciously
consumed completely [or somewhat]
by your useless as senseless,
irreverent demands
nor for whatever self-indulging reasons[s]
you pretend or project,
neither by whomever attempts
to cloud my incisive vision.

you arrogant puke!


any others

– you know those pilgrims, pedestrians, plebeians, and immigrants –

are but all,
an ill consequence
of my unsubscribed-to
environment and circumstance,
for they wish only to deprive others, like me
and too to deprave my vitality
to advance their singular benefit
of satisfying,
slaking their own
deprivation and depravation,
their immeasurable lack,
their insatiable,
ever wanting wantonness.

you ignorant dick [or cunt]!


and yet,
for those whom
i do allow to share
my precious time

– to equally share in the essence
of my existence just as i simultaneously share
in their’s –

as a matter of mutual respect and enlightenment
while in the process of sharing
i give my time freely
as if unlimited.

you admirable friend?


friedrich manfred simon – #kaputgeratlupinum
dichter – denker – dreher

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