The importance of thinking things through to their logical conclusion...


I really don't understand the goal of this whole Russia thing? Except, of course, to get people to read or watch the news (a/k/a ratings and ad revenue). You see, the thing is, whether you like Trump or not, he's the President. So, even if these far out allegations are true, what's the best that can come out of it? Impeachment hearings? Which as we know as in the case of Bill Clinton, took a long time, and he still remained in office.

But let's take this thing to it's illogical end... Somehow there is a connection between Trump, his lawyer or his company with Russia. And let's say that's enough to merit an investigation and impeachment hearing. Then let's go into fantasy land and say that he is actually impeached (like Nixon). By the time all of this would transpire, it would be well into his presidency; meaning, most of his policies would be implemented by then. Second, if he was removed from office, then Pence would be President (not a friend or fan of the Democrats or their policies either).

You see, you're just not thinking this thing through to the end. All of this effort wasted on allegations and blame and protesting, that you could be putting into making your communities better places to live, or pointing fingers at the corporate-controlled Congress that is really ruining this country. How about investigating Big Pharma and the Health Care Companies that are profiting on our sickness and death. What about the private prison system that makes money on putting people in cages, instead of rehabilitating citizens. What about the endless wars that profit the weapons contractors that kill hundreds of thousands -- even millions of people -- and are the cause of most of the unrest around the world and radicalism.

If you really wanted to do something for the good of this country, there are dozens of things to be investigated, boycotted, politicians to call, as well as things to be done on a grassroots level to improve our communites.

This whole business smells of sour grapes over the loss of the election. Especially if you re-read my first two paragraphs and realize that your best case scenario achieves nothing but some sort of revenge against Trump after his policies become the law of the land.

Good luck with that...
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