Humans Are Insane!



Evidence points to a genetic design flaw in the human brain

Anyone with an iota of compassion can clearly see man's inhumanity toward man in every corner of this planet. And while some rationalize the madness of wars, social injustice, wage-slavery and wanton usury; there are no justifications for cruelty of any kind -- not even for revenge, punishment or "pre-crime."

That is (should be) the stance of the sane person; but are any of us truly sane?

Everything in nature appears to have an obvious purpose for its existence -- whether created or borne out of the natural order of things... The sun gives us light, heat and energy. An apple tree produces fruit that animals consume, and that also function as seed pods for the continuation of the species. Water sustains life within its volume, as well as through ingestion by living creatures. All things are interconnected in some symbiotic or synchronous way creating ecosystems and the micro and macro universe within us and all around us.

But what about humans? Where do we fit within this give and take world? We definitely take -- there's no doubt about that. We kill for sport and material gain. We hoard material items that have no direct benefit to our existence. We hate and harm others simply because we disagree with their politics, ideology, or even their looks. We spend lifetimes living separate and apart from the flora and fauna co-inhabiting the Earth. What are we even doing here?

I reckon one can argue that we are a blight, or some kind of virus that exists to keep the planet from being overrun by other animals, plants, insects and bacteria. That would explain a lot about our tenure here, and the ruins of past civilizations of our kind. Think about that for a moment... Our history is full of civilizations that destroyed themselves or were destroyed by others. There are ruins scattered all over the place -- in clear sight -- but we treat them like historical monuments, instead of seeing the obvious fact that we are a self-destructive species incapable of living and working together in a continuous fashion.

Now all of that is scary enough; and it paints a pretty bleak outlook for the future of mankind and the planet. It's clear that conquest, slaughter, greed and self-centeredness is more the rule than the exception. But that's only part of the story. There are other things about us that demonstrate there's something wrong with our brains -- they just don't work right. There's something off about us, and the way we think.

First off, what happened before the "Big Bang?" Or,  if you prefer, if God created all there is, what was there before God? If your answer is God or the Universe always existed, then you answered the question properly. We have a brain that is capable of asking questions that we do not have the answers to. Unlike any other living creature (that we know of), we have thought processes that lead us beyond our capabilities.

We cannot comprehend how small a thing can be or the concept of infinity. We create mathematical formulas (like Pi) that have no solution. Our modern physics is more like science fiction with things being in  two places at once, and there being multi-verses and multiple dimensions.

Many people believe there is existence outside of the physical body... a soul, spirit, energy force or continuum. We have the mental capacity to ponder these things, but we are unable to comprehend them. And, I'm not talking about "faith" here; I'm talking about the brain's ability to think about these things.

We are the only things that we know of that think of things, and act out on things, that either are existential to the rest of the stuff around us, or detrimental to ourselves and everything around us.

We are genetically flawed. We are freaks. We're halfway between having the potential to be beautiful caretakers that generate love, and forces of evil that destroy everything in their wake. Our brains are underdeveloped. It's almost like they're capped off from knowing the truth about ourselves, or our true purpose. And unlike all of the other "things" that surround us, we are disconnected and apart.

Yes, it is true, that there have been great philosophers and teachers that have imparted great wisdom in the areas of understanding, empathy, spiritual enlightenment, peace and harmony -- and all of that; but how few have listened, and how few have taken the knowledge to heart? And, even those that have, still find the unknowable, unknowable.

There are nearly seven and half billion humans populating this planet right now; and that number is growing exponentially by the decade. In many of our lifetimes we will see nine or 10 billion people on the Earth. All fighting for fresh water, food, a safe place to live, energy sources, material things and all of that. The next great extinction is upon us -- human extinction. Why? Because we're a flawed species. We're mutants, genetic freaks of nature -- a blight on the living planet.

Have a good existence! :-)


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