Who determines our sense of being?



Reason of human behavior.

It is very interesting to wonder ourself how the passion of becoming writers, singers, dancers, ARTISTS come into our brains, how we get inspired, how our childhood/young experiences come in to turn into our life trend and come out as our profession and life style.

 We should come back in time to realize how our human nature works, how our head allows itself to be swayed what it is surrounded by.

They are classified into 3 social contexts: actions, behaviors and culture. They all belong to one specific society or to several communities that were carried to us through worldwide media.

It gives us further information to analyze the way of thinking of the human brain in naïve status to be able to understand and get along with each other.

There’s nothing wrong with loving who we are, as long as we understand people differences,

We were meant to belong to each other.

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