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I took a nap today. I took a nap because I know what I want to share, and I am ready to begin. Here is my first message to the world.... 

Everyone has a talent-

Unique individual talent.

We are all made from the same chemical elements. We each undergo a similar processes of development, yet astoundingly no two people are the same. Our development is programmed through genetics from fertilisation, right through to death. Identical twins do not even have completely identical genetic information due to DNA recombination events. Our Identity is not programmed by our genetics — but by our environment too. We all do all as people however, experience emotions, feelings, and thoughts. These are a result of how our mind processes the information that we acknowledge throughout our life. Emotions and thoughts heavily influence our choices in life, and a lot of our thoughts we can attribute to the belief systems which are programmed by whichever society we may live in, hence cultural differences. Cultural difference can be interesting. They can be amazing; but can also be destructive. Difference creates a sense of separation. As people grow we shape our own values, and are attracted to those who we find similar. This is in part due to how our souls yearn to find truth. We are all different, individual people, and therefore shape our identities and core values based on what is in our local environment. This leads to people being born into places in which they acquire different ideas about religion, class, gender, sex and nationality among other things. This is not what we are born with.  We are all one race. If you cut me I bleed, if you reject my belief you might bruise my ego and thus hurt my feelings — and we are all the same. Peoples passion and thoughts fuel their behavior, especially so in the case of submitting to authority. Human behaviour can be a beautiful thing. Many people have are able to follow their dreams, and create a life which is uplifting for themselves, and those around them. On the opposing side of the scale so many are blinded by belief: into believing there is a need for war, for money, for more of everything which not only the self — but mankind does not really need. The purpose of my message today is that there is a link between depression and systematic control, but that no one should be depressed, and everyone has the capability to make a happy life. The cure lies within compassion, and understanding, not only for other people, but especially for ones self. Everyone has compassion, with varying levels, but the ability to exercise these qualities lies within a persons belief systems, and education — especially so with how a person understands themselves. It is the ability to learn self compassion, is the ability to understand ones own life purpose. This is something we are all born with. We all have a purpose in life.  The 23rd Tarrot describes a philosophy whereby the answer to everything lies within, and this is something I live by. Now that I have started to find my own ''truth'' I am ready to share it in the hope that people will be inspired to think about their own life purpose in a positive light. I can not do this without first describing the link that ones own purpose has the potential to be destructive. I want to challenge any system which looks at emotion in a negative light, or in which social institutions are able to use control of the poor for the advantage of war.

How, and why are people depressed? What even is depression? 

There is not one society in the world where at least one person suffers from depression. On one end of the spectrum people are born starving. Millions upon millions of people do not have a  to eat on a daily basis. A child every second will die of starvation.  Our environment and our genetics shape who we are. If a person can not nourish their body, then their minds and emotions will not function at a healthy capacity. This is not to say that all people who endure hardship will be depressed. If you have ever read a blog, or watched a documentary about people who have endured third world hardship, it is evident that both depression (aka high rates of suicide/murder/ and war) in addition to happiness (hope and gratitude for what little the people do have, and giving what little they have spare to help others) exist. On the other side of the economic spectrum, millionaires turn to drugs, sex, suicide, and all kinds of self destructive behaviours to fill the hole in their hearts that they know as depression. Not all do. Without a doubt — throughout the spectrum of rich to poor each individual will choose how to live their life, and their core values will lead to a happy life, or a depressed one.

In our western society long term depression often manifests itself into what are termed personality 'disorders'. Each and every individual tries to find their place in life; their job, their security, and the way in which they will help themselves and others for whom they care about. So many people come to 'mental' barriers in the way which they live there life, that there is a billion dollar industry which seeks to cure depression. It is a high priority for governments to learn how to cure depression, because depression decreases economic productivity. This is why I do not believe in the Illuminati. The Illuminati is an idea that the rich control the minds of the poor so that evil forces (the devil/ the monetary system) will cause havoc on mankind. There is no doubt that there is a problem with global security, and that greed has the potential to ruin the earth beyond repair. This is part of the reason I really feel the need to share my ideas. Even the richest people can be depressed. We are not controlled by money, or by a system, but by our own minds!! One problem comes from a need to categorize peoples behavior and personality, and to try and cure systematically rather than individually. I know a hell of a lot of people who have been catagorised with bi-polar, EUPD, NPD, APD, schizophrenia, anorexia and on and on and on... I have been what is termed depressed. What I read about the 'cures' for personality disorders is that scientific evidence often concludes that people have these ''disorders'' for life, and that there is no cure only management of symptoms.

So how do we manage symptoms? Though logical understanding. Science seeks to find medications and therapies which can improve an individuals brain chemistry and capacity to deal with negativity. Yet even in this system of help, people do not tend to be cured — why? — because in this system we are told there is no real cure. Because the people who are trying to cure depression do not understand it. Instead we label what is different to the ideal, and thus live from fear rather than love. This relates to what I was saying about belief systems. If you ask anyone to define what normal is, the consensus of understanding tends to be that no one is normal, yet to catagorise a 'disorder' or even a feeling of depression individuals tend to be taught that they are abnormal. It is not abnormal to be depressed. It is beyond common. Professionals' seek to cure something that they do not often understand from an individual perspective. Psychiatrists, and mental health professionals are most often born into wealthy families, where they are given a healthy start in life. They are often well enough to dedicate themselves to, and work on a purpose which has the potential to uplift the planet, but how do they come to understand it? Research into depression, and analysis of people who suffer from it leads to ideas on how it can be treated, but forms of treatment that are given tend to be based on catagories. A lot of what one can read into about the causes of depression will reveal the fact that mental health institutions catogorise personality types into disorders by observing which groups of people have similar behaviours — from which they will try and find separate methods of 'cure' based on ideas, trials, and error. The problem with this is that mankind is not a separate concept. Unity, purpose, and belonging give people who are not depressed a sense of self, and gratitude. In other systems, where people are too poor to eat, education is poor. Throughout history, and as a general pattern, governments settle civil unrest by stealing from other parts of the globe. The fact of the matter is that whatever men are able to produce, we do so from what is already provided. To sustain mankind and our ever growing population, we need unity on all levels.  War is never the answer, most people who have been to war do not want to kill. But, people are animals, and if their basic needs are not met then the instinct to kill for what they need can be easily activated. It is easy for people who feel they have no hope to find a way of blaming another group, because the governments which control the tax, the food supply, the medical help, the army — control the money, and people are born into systems where they feel they need money. It is far too easy for selfish people who own the land, and make the rules which people are conditioned to live by to propagandize the people of their land into lies. It is not a lie that there is a global food and energy crisis. If people across the globe do not understand the message that no matter what beliefs other people have, we are all people and should aim to help all people,  or if we do not educate ourselves, then the masses will very easily once more be lead into war. This is one way that populations control themselves. In a way not too dissimilar to other territorial animals, but the difference is that humans do not need the territory. We do not actually need to own anything. People who are depressed are always depressed due to hurt, and how they have been hurt. This usually occurs via some form of challenge to their own belief about themselves. The answer to the cure always lies with an individual, but the belief that there is no cure stems from how we judge rather than help one another. Most people with severe depression are actually just very passionate people, who feel lost. They feel lost because as humans we all have basic needs, the need to have food, shelter, and company. A person who is depressed will not feel they are good company, and will often become withdrawn. The sense of self however, lies within, and we can all help each other find our place in life by being kind.


What even is depression? — there are many ways to describe the symptoms, but no mater the 'disorder' or the feelings one experiences, the number one root of depression is a feeling of hopelessness. People who do not feel they can obtain security, do not feel they have a purpose. No body wants to feel depressed. The purpose of everyone's life should be to find happiness. To find happiness people really do not need more than their basic needs. But in monetary led systems people are forced to find security in money, and believe that security will lead to happiness. What really is security? It is something we should feel in our heart. We all die alone, but in this life we are blessed with the presence of other people. In societies where people are conditioned into making money to live, the rich suffer from greed without even realising it, and the poor blame the rich. This also works on a collective behaviour level whereby masses of depressed people in poor countries blame systems, and blame countries which negatively impacted their past (and present). People worry about the future, so much so that they might worry about future problems instead of harnessing the beauty that truthfully exists all around. The answer is not however in the past, or future. Every individual together in the world has power within themselves. Not hopelessness, but strength.  We have to educate each other. The way to not be depressed is simple, this is controversial of me to say I know, given that logical evidence points to many different answers and no single cure, however I am certain that the way to cure depression is for everyone to learn these few simple steps. The first being to learn to love ones self (and believe that you can), the second being to love others, and the final being to know you have a purpose. Most people with depression are addicted to one form or another of drug. People become addicted to drugs because drugs temporarily make them feel happy, and they themselves feel trapped in depression. Medication which can help people to become uplifted is not without its purpose, but the misuse, and overuse of poison as a cure takes individuals away from the real answer which is to find love and gratitude. The most monetarily successful people are people who create their own life purpose, who follow their dreams, and percevier through what ever challenges they face, because they believe in themselves. The people that believe in themselves either where born into an environment that encourages them to believe in themselves, or they discover alone that no matter what other people may do to them, their life is their own and to find purpose you must believe in yourself. People who are depressed do not believe in their self, but believe they are helpless. The people who find there way to a rich lifestyle where all their basic needs are met can help those who are not able to — but we need to stop judging peoples individual talents and personalities as good or bad in order to really help. The real cure for depression is to believe in helping yourself, and when you can do this to learn to help others.

Money can not bring happiness. Have you ever given something to someone? The answer is probably yes. If you gave something to someone and it made them smile, then it likely made yourself feel good. The poor can be rich. Rich is about the quality of life one has. Karma exists. If everyone shared their creativity in a way which helps others live life there is potential to end global crisis, and to make everybody happy. As you all know, talent comes in many forms. Some are good with math, numbers, design, art, music, poetry, novels — the list is endless. What each person can give to the world — is their life's purpose. The problem people have with finding their own purpose stems from how they are taught that they can find security. Most people work, and are depressed when they can not spend time with, or provide for family and friends. If everyone chose to support everyone, rather than only those who help themselves, then competitiveness would diminish. But instead people often judge differences, if we all judges ourselves and others less, and gave more, then more people would easily come to the realisation that they have a purpose. People often miss the pleasure of connecting with all other people, because they fear what they do not know. A lot of people want to help only who they know, or who helped them. But this creates inequality. A bigger problem is that in the search of security people might forget, or even feel they never know what their purpose is.  Many people do not even believe that life has a purpose. I can assure you we all have one. Everyone has that one thing they where good at, once up on a time, or even now still. The thing is that not everyone has is the support of other people in finding their purpose. Systems are designed to place people into jobs that are logically suited to the individual, when in fact every individual is their own entrepreneur at heart. To find your place in life, we need to feel what we want. Now often when people feel what they want and go for it, they meet setbacks. Other people judge their work, their talents, their beliefs, and their skills in a manner which leads many people to believe they themselves are failures. The world is too competitive and the perception that we need to compete will actually push us toward ignorance and depression. The support that people get in finding purpose people generally lies within the system, and the system encourages consumption. Consumption lines the pockets of those who have the power to create, and the power to manipulate through understanding of human behavior. We are over consuming to the point of planetary destruction. The fact of the matter is though, that everyone has the power to create. Everyone has a dream life, where there are no worries, and usually less work. In an ideal world everyone would have access to healthy food, and would experience love from everyone around them. If everyone gave love to everyone they would realise the joy that giving brings, and there would be no poor, neither in heart, nor in basic needs. If there is one message I would like everyone to take home is that we should all encourage everyone to go for what they dream. To do something that makes them feel good, and that can help other people.     

My talent is writing, and I love music — so I will leave this blog with my rap

Got a dream? — better chase it, 

Pass a test- or are you gonna ace it?

Feel fully — and fear face it, 

Love truly — not makeshift, 

Don't cheat — no copy and pasting

If you want it, get up and on it — no time wasting.


Peace and love everyone — if you read this far please give me a share. :) 


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