Death of Spouse



How to function even if you don't want to

You made a pact in front of God and men to have and to hold, for bet­ter, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sick­ness and in health, until death do you part. You assumed a per­fectly nor­mal assump­tion of get­ting old together. You love each other; you have no doubt what­so­ever about it. Both of you have been through so much, you shared hap­pi­ness, joy, tri­als and made sac­ri­fices for each other. The mar­riage was not per­fect by all means. There were trials…frustrations…temptations…But you were stead­fast in your love and com­mit­ment.

And then, he’s gone.

The per­son you spent most of your life with, the per­son who knew you best, your best friend, your con­fi­dante, your love. Whether he was taken by any cause – sick­ness, acci­dent, human cruelty…whatever the cause was, it brought out the same result – he is gone. Per­ma­nently gone.

Deal­ing with spousal bereave­ment as demon­strated by numer­ous stud­ies is def­i­nitely over the stress scale. If you have been bereaved by a spouse then you know for sure that who­ever it is that said “loss gets eas­ier in time”, was a liar. Every wak­ing minute you will prob­a­bly feel as if no amount of tor­ture will make you snap out of these feel­ings of grief. Before you even knew it, you’ve gone under and depres­sion strikes that causes you to go through a much more pro­longed feel­ing of sad­ness. You haven’t even real­ized you’re under. But if you are already read­ing this ebook, you’ve already real­ized you want help. Whether you have acquired this book on your own, or some­one close to you pushed it in your hands, you’ve come this far. I hope I could get you through this. If I am with you right now, I would be just one of the many faces. I wouldn’t know the right words to say to you that would mat­ter to you. I would be just one of the voices. You would have just shut me out of your mind think­ing I wouldn’t have any idea of what you are going through.

But with this ebook, I would be able to guide you. You don’t have to read through it in one sit­ting. You may just want to browse over the top­ics, book­mark it and return back every now and then. Get­ting out of depres­sion is a process. It is not a flick of a fin­ger sit­u­a­tion. But you’re here. Pat your back. You made the first step.

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