To the unknown man



An open letter

Dear unknown man,


I am writing to you today and asking you to turn yourself in. You know what you did and even though you have not been caught yet, I wonder if you have any idea what you have done.


I was not there when you took the things that did not belong to you. We call you a thief.


I was not there when you took an innocent mans life. We call you a murderer.


Robber is a name we give a person who is worse than a thief. Why did you think you  had a right to break in and steal and take a life for things?


Things decay and are worthless in time.


If you were to die now what would you say to your Maker as to why you did these things?


There is a growing reward for you.


You know what you did and why. But I have asked God to make you suffer until you turn yourself in.

 God sees you and knows what you did.


The prison system and justice system will probably execute you and for that I am thankful.


I do not know you or the one you murdered. And I am glad about this and when you leave this earth I will be even happier,

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