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       Bad Dreams

sayings, mottos, pithies, provocations in poetry & prose aiding & abetting popular philosophy

This small collection of thought-provokers exists because thought does but happiness doesn’t. If determinism, free belief, possible causes and education get your goat, so will thought and its provokers. If you have worked hard you will have got lucky (or “someone” got it wrong). If we get knowledge through experience, why do we have to be alone getting it, and how do we measure experience, and what is experience? If we think a lot we are sure to rise a lot. If we ponder freedom we know that freedom is not free. If we start laughing when we eat, when we sleep, and when we exercise, our DNA jumps joyously up and down, and we outlive the unsmiling.

What a load of………..provocation!

And that’s why thought-provokers are here – in poetry and prose!

Examples : There is some dignity in fallibility, none in a human god. (Agreed?!)

You just have to believe in lies and everything becomes easy, even murder. (What a lie!?)

Scorn what the past thought and always remember to believe your scorn is better than your elders’.

To the thoughtless and the selfish relativity is a sweet god.

To blurb-end : “Let’s sing a rowdy song / To devastate the great…” always remembering we are “free” but freedom is not, and the degree to which we think will determine the degree to which we will rise.

(Blurb for Thought-Provokers / Jonathan Finch — soon to be KDP & CreateSpace published)


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