Frank Waln: Footprints in the Sand



Admiration and applause for one Hip-Hop artist.

I absolutely love music. Where would we be without music? I'm sure many of us feel the same love for it. Music is a treasured necessity in our lives, regardless of the variety of genre we choose from.

It is not everyday that I would feel so moved to write about someone who is a Hip Hop artist. Of course, I will clarify on that a little later.

Yet, after first hearing a snippet of Frank Waln's tune "Victory Song" on the podcast show of "Native Opinion" I would never have heard Frank Waln's music. I listened, I heard and I watched countless videos on YouTube. Frank Waln, usually accompanied by the awesome dancing of The Sampson Brothers.

I don't consider myself a fan because in my opinion, "fan" is short for "fanatic". I consider myself an avid supporter of his lyrical flow, his voice on Native topics and his words which so deserve to be heard.

To clarify on my earlier statement about Hip Hop music: Once upon a time, I listened to Hip Hop--when it was positive and it spoke great volumes of a people's injustice, social issues, sometimes political rants and everyday matters that most anyone could relate to. Then it changed. It became disrespectful, vulgar, hateful, self-centered and materialistic. As most people already know of me, rock music has always been my first love though I kept it hidden for many years. However, rock, classical, R&B, reggaeton and dancehall-reggae, pop & alternative. I love them all!

But, when the melodic stories with the haunting beauty and soul-grabbing of native singing voices and even a Native prayer (at the end of song "7") Frank Waln came through my air waves speaking of his pain, his hopes and his honor in "My Stone" for his mother--I cried. I was proud, as a Native of mixed breed who is trying to reconnect with my people and learn of my own lost heritage. I was happy to hear and see someone who is painting a beautiful picture for the many young ones and even older ones who have their eyes and ears on him.

Frank Waln, has become the only rapper that I have added to the "smart playlist" on my iPhone. Why? Because there is something to be said about a Hip Hop artist that can relay his thoughts, his life, his pain and his joy in such a positive way. Why? Because, most tracks that I've listened to and added to my music collection have no foul language--and I truly appreciate that. Why? It's an honor to listen to his lyrics that flow from his soul and frankly, I just want to see him succeed. I must say that he is leaving some huge footprints in the sand for young men or women to follow.

I have sons. If ever either of them wanted to be a Hip Hop artist...I would want them to follow in Frank's footsteps.


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