What is CHM and a Few DYI's ?



What exactly is CHM? Let us think about these things.

Since I recently was married to a man I have known since I was very young-I am so very happy. He even bought me a coat and new shoes-new to me from Good Will.

I know better than to tell a man what to do. He is my protector. I am the home maker. Why? Some of you may know I am a Grand mother-The hand that rocks the cradle rules the World- but the foot that rocks the Cradle-- gets it done.

How may a man tell a woman about having babies and raising children and how can a woman tell a man how to work?

I know the World problems are more complicated than I am writing about here but-DYI-or Did you know-

The causes of most Wars in the Middle East is no jobs? The young men are encouraged to war-even by Clergy. The same is true in the West-We have teens or Hoodlums-doing things when the parents are not at home or not looking-I did it-Did you?


And if we as humans run our air and water -we will all die. So the plastic bottles you see -some take 500 years to disintegrate-if we kill our fish in the Ocean and have nothing to eat-we all are goners.

I choose to do my best to save this Earth for my children's children. Do you? So CHM -is my way to say I Chose to be a home maker-CHM

Working outside the home and taking care of children is too much for anyone. My husband told me a man will not tell a woman he needs her but he does. And I certainly need and love him.

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