The legacy of the Baron.



The legacy of the Baron

Some lessons are learned through trials and tribulations, some are learned through experience. By examining the past, lessons can be learned for the benefit of future societies.
Unless you're Donald Trump.
I can honestly say that a Cabbage sorbet has more appeal than the sallow barren Baron.
If Trump genuinely believes what he says, then speaking your mind truly is a crime.
His attitude towards women as seen on news footage is odious at best, any form of defeat must have involved foul play, so defeat by a woman puts a massive hole in the Barron's ego.
The damage done in this election will take a generation at least to heal.

I don't think the fact that Clinton will be the first Female President in the White House is as earth-shattering as it once would have been.
Obama paved the way and many followed, except the sallow barren Baron, who turned away and said it was all corrupt, it must be, because he said so.
I wish the USA all the luck in the world for the future, because it's going to need it.

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