True Reflections of Trust Hope and Restoration



I wrote these spiritual seeds out of experience,that the strength that God has given us is stronger than the storms we face. Every person who faces emotional turmoil, CAN survive, no matter what they might faces.

* There is no disappointment or pain in life that qualifies any person to give up in life.It should, rather,inspire one to search for deeper meaning in life ... it should, rather, build your character.

* Life is a big puzzle; some pieces are found easily, while others will take a lifetime to discover . Choose to appreciate it, even when some pieces are not in place.

* Do not wait for someone to give purpose and meaning to you life; rather, search for your gifts and talents.  Like diamonds underground, you have to dig deep for it . It's there ... find it . May you discover your hidden gifts; they will add so much value to your life and others around you .

* Real success does not start by making promises to someone; instead it starts by making a promise to yourself first.

* When you look at yourself in the mirror, see a masterpiece of God — unique, special, and greatly loved and adored by GOD .

Written by : Patricia Sandra Bunting

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