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About gaining/developing a cherished hobby!

On Valentine’s Day people expect reading something about love. This love is generally restricted to the love of spouses, partners, friends and family.

But isn’t there any other form of love that we all know or come across? Why so narrow-minded?

These questions led me to find an appropriate answer and, here it is!

I am going to write about love as well, but it is pretty different from the above-mentioned form of love.

It is my love for ‘writing’. It started as a tame hobby during the teens, writing stupid poems or for doing something very mature. But it has become pretty serious for me, these days. Serious to the point that I am thinking of spending my future with it. I am pretty committed to it as well.

How a gesture of love or some special gift adds to the intensity of love for a person, the same way this new diary is making its effect.

This new diary is not only a material thing for me. It symbolizes a hope for the coming future. The vacant lines and the untouched pages in this diary are just waiting to be filled with colors. These colors have shades as well. Shades of various themes such as joy or sorrow. Prose or drama, thoughts or views. What these colors represent the most, is an expression.

Writing is not just about the physical act of writing. Now I realize is that writing is liberalization of your innermost and virgin thoughts. This new diary is the cute soft toy and my new stationery products are the chocolates adding flavor to this new relationship. Writing in this diary is a pure and unadulterated joy.

Writing using a desktop or a laptop lacks the authenticity of the original thoughts one wants to pen down. It is as if buying a pack of frozen paratha and heating in a microwave. But how will it ever compare to the tangibility of the paratha dough and changing texture of the raw dough transforming in a delicious paratha on a pan!

That is what is writing for me. Sheer happiness!

Hope you all spend with your love as well!!! :D

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