Manifesting Desired Life-Making your sleep work for you



Book Excerpts- Manifest Desired Life-Author-Anirudh Dhodapkar

Making your sleep work for you -Mastering Subconscious Mind 

[Practice 3]

The most important tool to manifest your desires is your sub conscious mind,all the magic sciences in world work through and work in sub conscious sphere only.
When you are asleep, you can consciously assign tasks to your sub conscious mind and you will soon discover the power within you to change the circumstances and people, as per your desire.
Make a list of Task that you wish help to manifest.
As you are about to sleep-envision this task to be finished as per your desire.
Feel ,what you will feel when desire will be accomplished.
Now affirm- "I am now ONE with manifestation of....'
Every night before you enter in sleep,bring yourself back in same feeling of accomplishment.
See the task accomplished very quickly, offer gratitude and take the task number 2.

Day-61-Manifest Desired Life-
How to use Sleep to Invoke Sub Conscious Miracle [Practice-2]

Nothing is more powerful in this world than your sub conscious mind.
every miracle that we know as miracle is first manifested here-Invoking your sub conscious power is the most magical practice that masters have so kindly bestowed upon us.

While going to sleep today- just keep a picture or symbol in your mind,like you wish to manifest a 'Black Rose' in your life tomorrow.
Simply envision the Black Rose or whatever sign you chose,while entering in sleep.
You will soon see this Black Rose in Your Dreams.
More you will grow in this practice- you will see this Black Rose in physical for somewhere.
When these two manifestation happens in your conscious life, take it as sub conscious invocation.
Now do the same for invocation of anything ad everything you wish to manifest in life- take one thing at a time.
One of the best practitioner of this practice is said to be Albert Einstein.
Manifest this experience for yourself and you will experience the divine power that you hold within your own mind.

Note that , in this practice, you will instinctively guided to visualize only-which is possible right now.
So there is no fear of not manifesting the desired object.
Take this first step in faith and you will thank divinity for coming across this Practice.

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