We must end our draconian "trans bathroom" laws!



A personal editorial about the current draconian transgender bathroom laws that are being written and passed in many areas, and how they're affecting the TG/TS community, especially in public schools.

(Before I get started I have a request to make: The trans community in the United States desperately needs your help! PLEASE SHARE THIS MESSAGE! It might just make a difference! Thank you!)

Hi everyone.

There is an LGBT high school Sophomore student that lives near the east coast (near Charlotte, NC to be exact) , that I have become sort of a mentor to over the past few months. Her name is Stacy, and like myself she is a MtF transsexual. Let me tell you a little something about this amazing girl. Aside from the fact that she's trans, she also possesses an IQ of over 170, is an absolute whizkid when it comes to composing music, she can not only play, but absolutely master any instrument she puts her hands on, and I've heard the kid sing before and I've gotta tell ya — she's not bad! With the intellect, and talent that this girl possesses, she's got a bright future for herself at Julliard, or another prestigious institution like that (which is her dream) — if she's able to finish high school in one piece. But like nearly all trans kids in the United States, she attends a public school, where the atmosphere is anything but encouraging for trans students, and quite frankly I fear for her safety.

Stacy sent me an email last night, and in it she described the insults, the mockery, the threats, and the abuse that she, and other LGBT students face there on a daily basis — something which she says her school's faculty actively encourage. I've seen this sort of thing before, and sadly it's nothing new — but it is appearing to be disturbingly on the rise in certain places. Let's look at this past weekend — Stacy was in a grocery store with her mom, and this girl from her school saw her, and began pointing and yelling, "TRANNY ALERT! TRANNY ALERT! WE'VE GOT A CHICK WITH A DICK IN THE STORE!". Stacy ran back outside to the car, crying her soul out, while others in the store were laughing at the scene! She asked me in her email, "What kind of future do I have to look forward to, when I'm surrounded by all this bigotry and prejudice??", and I could feel each tear and sob that she cried as she wrote it.

Folks? Right now we have 11 states that are either actively suing, or are threatening to sue the United States government over the whole "We don't want faggots in dresses molesting our little children in Target restrooms!" bullshit! These kids are being bullied, put down, abused, tormented, and in far too many cases they're also being abandoned left and right by family and friends to such an extent, that many of them are choosing to simply give up (suicide), rather than face a possible lifetime of the same hate-filled idiocy! And as stated above, NOW we have at least 11 states that have jumped on the conservative bandwagon, basically telling not only trans students, but trans people in general, "We hate your guts! We don't even consider you as human beings, so we're going to pass as many inhuman laws against you as we can!"?! This sort of thing isn't democracy — it's FASCISM, plain and simple!!

This must end NOW!!!!

As not only a trans woman, but also as an LGBT rights advocate, I encourage you....no, strike that.... I URGE you to contact your state representatives, and other elected officials, and don't beat around the bush about your feelings, and try to "candy-coat" your words! Just come out and tell them "point-blank" EXACTLY how you feel! Tell them how strongly you feel about this great injustice! Tell them how wrong these draconian laws are! Let them know that if something isn't done and done soon, that their very careers may be in jeopardy during your state's next elections! Folks, I know that our system of government is full of flaws and corruption! Hell! Even a blind person could see that! (No offense meant to those that either are, or know of someone that is sight impaired!). But we DO still have a voice! A voice that can change the course of history! A voice that can rid our society of these horrid laws! A voice that shouts, "WE BELIEVE IN EQUALITY, AND WE VOTE!"! We ALL possess this voice....but if we wish to be heard then we must USE IT! And if enough of us collectively shout loudly enough WE WILL BE HEARD! Folks? These trans kids, as well as all other trans people in these places, desperately need another voice to help them be heard! Please contact your elected officials today, and become that voice! Thank you!

Peace, love, and blessings,

Vicki Llewellyn

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