The Skin I'm In by Rhonda L. Jackson



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The Skin I'm In

I have always loved my dark skin so it pains me to realize that on 2016 there is still a discussion about dark skinned people. I love dark skin on me and other people! Now in my family on my mother's side the array of skin tone varies greatly. My great grand mother was half white or so I was told by my grandmother! Supposedly Big Mama's daddy was white! All I know is Big Mama (my great grand mother) used to scare the sweet begeebers out of me! See, by the time I was born Big Mama was very old and knee deep in Alzheimer's Disease. She wouldn't sleep at night sometimes and she would wonder around my grand mother's house shinning like a beacon light in the dark looking like a ghost! I would hide my head under the covers until my grand mother or some other older person made her get back in bed! Big Mama (Patsy Hardy) was never mean to me in fact I don't think she even realized I was born. But I think these experiences may have been the catalyst in my loving my dark skin as I did not glow in the dark like my crazy great grand mother!! (I do want to offer a disclaimer for people with Alzheimer's Disease and their families can only try imagine how difficult this disease is and I don't want to make light of a very trying time for you and your families!) I think the main reason I am so comfortable in my skin is my mother. My mother didn't tell me my skin color was a bad thing so I chose to believe it must be good. I remember just marveling over the beauty of my skin color as a young girl. Now my friends and school mates called me black ass or black girl but I saw this as more restating the obvious than as a put down! I told my Aunt Curtis (who was dark skinned, too) this once and she got mad. I then told her I didn't mind or care in fact I saw it as an endearment/a compliment rather than a put down. I have had my incidents of obvious reaction to my darker skin. See my mother was lighter than tan while I am more of a dark chocolate and there has been people who said to my face, "But your mom is much lighter skin than you!" I would either say or think to myself, "No shit, Sherlock!" If I walk into a room filled with people or if I look at a picture filled with people my eyes instinctively find the darkest skin person in the room or on the page. When I see other dark skinned people I look at their skin tones and I tell them how attractive I think their skin tones are or I compliment the colors they are wearing!! That's one of the many beauties of the black race we come in sooooo many different skin tones, and I for one just love it!!!



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