The Willing Political Victim: There's a Cure







Sure, you can rape my reasoned thinking, and pillage my country's dignityWhy not! I like being a willing jackass whose pride is voting with my vagina. Hmm, or like others' merely loving my pussy stance-- All the while, voting for history's party of slavery, and divisive division. Who needs cops & the 2nd Amendment, besides I'm flexible just like Hillary--Well, I decided to take yoga to deflect the gunfire from those real criminals who have no need for legal firearm. I have the right to be afraid, obtuse and ill-informed by my favorite biased news media. I don't mind being an urban statistic tragedy or an overpaying tax middle-class (someday). I think being funded by elitists who takes on funds from countries who discriminate gravely against women, children, and gays is a small price to pay for my handouts that keep me grounded in despair. I come from a long-line of Democrats who have statistically kept us in ruins— I can't possibly think outside the box...


But wait! Free-will, while it may still exist in theory? Assessing the facts? I can do that? It's not too late? Yes! I can, and I will! Once I grease my head that seems to be stuck in the left side of the "I'mWithHer" gluteus minimus.


Time for real change, because these fucking Clinton(s) have turned-out to be historical political-charlatan- whores; "15k new Hillary emails discovered as evidence of Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scheme." 


Yeah, but I'm waiting for DOJ's fair justice? 'Don't hold your breath'. Another impeached Clinton fiasco to appease my reality TV junkie syndrome? 'TAKE BACK AMERICA! MIND YOUR VOTE!' If you you cannot vote TRUMP (psst! Stay home, don't relapse-- Have a fuckin' Tic-Tac--we got this! You're forgiven & included in our #MAGA fabulous change). PEACE!

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