Donald — Your Hired!



'People used to laugh when I said I wanted to be a Comedian- Well they're not laughing now.' Donald Trump is President and suddenly it's not so funny


Donald — Your Hired!

How does the the old Bob Monkhouse joke go. 'People used to laugh at me when I said I wanted to be a comedian, Well they're not laughing now.' Step forward Donald Trump who's turned this old joke into a political nightmare. Trump turned his reality TV talents to reality politics and everyone thought he was joking when he said he'd like to run for office. Six hundred days later, and true to his word he is now the incumbent leader of the free world. As Monkhouse said 'Who's laughing now?

The Donald as he was known affectionately by his admirers, has gone and got himself hired. Much to the horror of over half the voting population of the 'dis United States of America' .A country now divided by the scale of division Mr Trump has created. Like a Marmite sandwich. He has become an acquired taste for a lot of disillusioned American voters. Tired of being promised lots of sugary treats, they've swallowed the bitterest pill and gave the business man a chance to see if he can pull off a reversal of middle- American fortunes.

Trump is a phenomenon. To some he is a figure of fun to others he is the devil incarnate. He has has exposed himself as a racist sexist, misogynistic homophobe. He has said he wants to ban muslims from entering the country. He branded Mexicans as drug dealers and rapists and has threatened to send millions of illegal Mexicans back. And did I mention the wall. His behaviour and his language has taken these elections to a new low. And yet for all his faults the American people have reluctantly embraced him and now voted him into the highest office.

Hilary Clinton liked to talk about her ambition to become president in terms of 'Breaking through the glass ceiling'. The location of her expected victory party was supposed to symbolise her crashing through the metaphorical barrier of being the first female American President. The image of Willy Wonka in his glass elevator breaking through his Chocolate Factory glass roof is a powerful metaphor that Mrs Clinton was keen to adopt. Unfortunately it turns out that Hilary was more like Veruca Salt in the eyes of the voting public. Spoilt, demanding and manipulative.She overplayed her sense of self importance and was jettisoned at the last hurdle. Leaving 'Charlie' Trump with the golden ticket.

Unfortunately Trumps idea of a glass ceiling is far more distopian vision. His election rhetoric of hate and bigotry was considered a new low for a potential leader of the free world. His gutter talk may have made the big city liberals baulk, but if they had got out and about a bit more and listened to middle America, they would have found that Trumps tune was music to the disenfranchised masses ears. The arch Liberal Michael Moore predicted a Trump win. He said it would be the biggest 'f*** you' to the American political elite of all time.

What now for Hilary and her Democratic family. Left licking their wounds and asking themselves how did they get it so wrong. Maybe they should take comfort from the fact that it wasn't just them that missed the political mood music, The Republican Party viewed getting the wayward maverick Donald Trump elected as Mission impossible. And in true MIA style they promptly disavowed their own Ethan Hunt. When Donald Trump-went rogue, they did everything in their power to get him to self destruct. And pundits will point out their was enough traps ambushes and self inflicted embarrassments along the way to derail any normal politician.The problem was the liberal classes had never had to deal with anyone like 'The Donald'. He often boasted of his business acumen. And despite any feelings you have towards the man. You have to tip your hat to the way he brilliantly manipulated the voting public to get himself into the Oval Office The political hacks have been left wondering, how despite his gaffs and his lack of political correctness has he managed to overcome the odds to win the prize.

A lot of questions have been asked about those people that voted for Trump. The establishment would describe them being uneducated, responding to the politics of fear. They would describe Trump as a Snake oil salesman who has conned the mid west hicks. Those in the know claim Trump used what they call 'Post Truth Politics' to achieve his victory. He was prepared to tell the people what they wanted to hear. and then deal with the consequences if he won the prize. Maybe his use of the phrase 'Brexit plus plus plus' during his campaign might be a clue to his tactics. The people who voted for Trump where of the same mind set as the British Brexit supporters. The majority being Poor and unemployed feeling forgotten and living In a country they no longer recognise. As the great American comedian George Carlin once said. 'Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups'

The old saying when life throws you lemons make lemonade. President Elect, Donald Trumps in a whole new kitchen now. What he said and what he does may turn out to be two very different things. The man who is fond of quoting from his own book ' The art of the deal' may want to add a new chapter. The art of the compromise'. He may have gotten himself hired but he's only a short term contract and the first opportunity a lot of people can't wait to quote his own imortal catchphrase ' your Fired'

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