Manifest Desired Life-Day -16- "Inviting the Soulmate"



We can create Soulmates in all aspect of Life-We have this power ,now let's be conscious and invoke the Law of Inviting the Soulmate.Author is writing a series on same subject on his Blog

Manifest Desired Life- 
"Inviting The Soulmate"
Look Around- all the people and circumstances around you are your own creation. You've attracted all the relations that you have 

Even your existing parents are results of your 'past KARMA",So first of all stop blaming others- you can't blame yourself- as all around you reflect'some aspect' of your own personality.
Everyone is as lucky or unlucky as they think they are.More you are aware of this fact,more cautious you become about your own 'thoughts'- You have more than 50,000 opportunities in a day to manifest your desired soulmates in all aspect of your life.
Fifty Thousand 'thought waves' that pass through your mind unchecked manifest exactly your 'fears'-your 'desires'-your circumstances-as per 'focus' and 'emotion' you add to them.
So for today just be cool.
Just chose to create 'one' person in any aspect of your life-feel his/her presence in your being and feel what you can do for that person when he/she manifests in your life.Problem is, we want to extract something from every relationship but the fact of life is-you must be willing to 'give' something to each desired relationship.The very moment you decide to ask only in 'prayer' and 'give' something to someone all the time-your life becomes a fulfilled dream-as you are asking at right place-your'subconscious' and giving 'consciously'.This is the LAW OF KARMA.
The moment you begin to apply this-your begin to attract 'soulmates' ,who give you 'more' than you can even imagine for.
Never Ever enter in relationship with any expectation but to share what you have- Because you are already related to persons ,who are right now in front of you- 'that person' is you are yourself in different 'form' -so treat and expect the way you treat and expect from yourself.
Live with this practice in your 'thought' or 'subconscious life' and very soon,either you'll find your existing relationships turning 'magnificent' or you are attracting 'magnificent' person- in this process-those who are not attuned to this process will automatically drift apart or won't come near you.
I've seen Sex Slaves,manifesting desired dignified life through this simple LAW so why not independent people like you can achieve the same.
"CRIMINAL BY CHOICE" is story of one such girl only- who creates a life as per her desire,
Tomorrow-"Healing The relationships".

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