To Respected Older Generation,



An open letter from us (the younger generation) to our Older Generation direct from the heart.

To Respected Older Generation,

An open letter from us (the younger generation) to our Older Generation direct from the heart.

No, this is not the one where we rant about “how you don’t understand us.” This is also not the one where we “you will never get our dreams”. Am writing this letter to tell all of you all on behalf of our generation that “WE UNDERSTAND YOU.” We understand that you come from a society which was fixated on the idea of working and providing as much as good possible to your family and that was it. This is a token of thanks from all of us to whole band wagon of parents, uncles, aunts (yes you also neighbor aunty) for being there for us, guiding us and also sometimes yelling at us. This Thank You is not only for keeping good food on the table or providing a high and architectural marvel roof on our heads, but this thank you is for continuously evolving and growing with us too. Thanks for being the shoulder on which we could cry on our failures or hug when we actually achieved something truly defining to ourselves. I see plethora of opportunities and it’s all because you granted us the vision and paved a happy path for “out of the box approach.”

Today we have options of plan A or B or even Z whereas you only had an option of A or maximum B (and it was tagged as a rebel). You gave us a guitar, a paint brush or a pen in our hands (so many other things) not for just to show off to the aunts of neighborhood but you knew that this made us happy and helped us in finding ourselves( Sometimes though, beta show what you have learnt in dancing class- wasn’t that cool ;)). So yes, we need to understand that changes and its acceptance will take time but it will come eventually. Let’s not take clashes, non-agreements between you and us under the umbrella called as generation gap and ignore but work towards it to live in peace and synergy. We might get a little stingy with our things but that doesn’t mean that we don’t believe in you because “we do.” We know that we are the “Fibonacci series” generation, a little difficult but again not impossible to decode. So, I say from bottom of my heart “Thanks for being the parents of Lost and Found generation.”

The change is coming and the society is evolving (well, to heck with society anyways) but there is still a lot to do. We still need to eradicate the idea of being a doctor or an engineer to earn well and other still prevailing taboos which unfortunately are eating our roots of individualism. We are and will pave new ways to make our own identity and not just living it.

We may not be able to earn as you have been, may not be able to give you grandchildren by the age of 30 because as of now we are busy in setting examples and letting the world know that we exist. It’s us who can bring the change and it’s us who are the change. And for this we want your support in the journey because we are doing all this to make you proud. We might not say that every day but we RESPECT you.

So this is something we want to say….. to you, about you and for you.


Yours’ Thankfully

Today’s Generation


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