We're leavin' in a sick society .. You should solve your problems by yourself .. You need to keep your secrets for yourself .. You need to work harder, achieve your dreams .. Do EVERYTHIN' by yourself .. You'll stay in your grave with yourself .. Not with them.. You're going' to cry Alone .. Not with them .. "Them" they only come when You are happy .. Do they exist when You need them? Never ! They can Give You a million promises but never do .. They only talk .. They only say some words that make You happy but they do too many things that make You feel somethin' else.. But feelings ! Who cares 'bout it? All they wanna do is hurtin' You .. Hurting you when they are smilin' to You! Imagine You have fun with them after some secondes they talk in your back ! Sayin' some Shit Words 'bout You to others ... They thought they won .. But no! Never .. When You only watch them playin' their dirty games without Carin' .. They'll know that they are only some idiots ! But after all you'll See them hurted one day .. By others .. And this is what happend .. This is what i'm seein' .. I'm watchin' You whores .. Watchin' You from the top ..

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