Man Talk : Learning To Love The Robot World



Bill Gates said recently that in a hundred years robots will be smarter than humans.....As they say so what?

'In a hundred years robots will be smarter than humans'. So says Bill Gates who knows a thing or two about these things. And just to try and make them sound a little bit more scary, he added 'In twenty years robots will be able to do everyday jobs far more competently than humans' Hands up if when you read the first bit, like me, you felt a little bit smug and thought, well that's ok coz I won't be around! But the second part and for those of us who've got a least another twenty in us, should we be worried by Bill's doom laden prediction for the near future.

Is the brainiac former boss of Microsoft and who was part responsible for this brave new world now warning us that, as clever as we might think we are ultimately robots are going to be cleverer. Now I'm no expert but what I do know about those clunky robots with their computer brains is they learn from their mistakes unlike their fleshy counterparts. And as an example have you ever played computer chess against one!

When I think of a robot I visualise a big clunking lump of metal, something like a Dalek or Robbie the Robot from Lost in Space. Watch any tomorrow's world type science programme and you'll
See today's computer generated android is far more human looking than you can imagine. More Magic Mike than metal Micky.

My thoughts were switched on to things about 'AI' or artificial intelligence after I saw a couple of news items recently that made me think about just what the future might hold for me and mine. The first story concerned flying. I couldn't believe when I heard that some airlines are seriously looking at increasing their seating capacity by removing the cockpit. That's right the place where the captain and his mat sits. It turns out that these days the pilots work is mostly redundant now. The planes literally fly themselves. Everything is automatic or can be controlled remotely by computers. I'm thinking they are talking 'Easydrones' for the future . Maybe that's why the pilots are building up their speaking parts. Have you noticed a little bit of banter creeping into the captains welcome aboard speech. It's all getting very 'Nicey and Smashey' radio DJ 'Great mate lets get these holidays up and away, and off we go to the sun where the weather is SCORCHIO' Who would have thought the glamorous life of the pilot could literally be about to crash land. They could be one of the first casualties of our brave new world. Flights will be controlled by A modern day Robbie the android probably the same multi- functioning automaton who is controlling your Uber driverless taxi.

The next vision for the future asked if I was ready to see the world through Occulluss. If you've never heard of it Occullus is a hi tech pair of glasses come headset, which allows you to access and create your own personal virtual reality world.

Here's how you know Occulluss is going to Be huge, Mark Zuckerberg the brain behind Facebook has paid squillions of dollars to buy the company. These super sunglasses lets you experience a virtual world, so real you feel you are part of it. It's claimed that once you become acclimatised to the experience you loose touch with reality and become immersed in an alternative life.

You could say at present Occulluss is at the equivalent stage of the early portable 'brick' of a mobile telephone. But within years maybe months it will be the slimline go anywhere do anything communication tool we all take for granted.

The Virtual world with Occullus leading the way will definitely be a big part of all our futures. The appeal of a world tailored to your own personal wants and desires. Would be attractive to lots of people. Imagine being able to travel the world meet friends and turn dreams into reality all from the comfort of our couch. And as for doing any work in our brave new virtual world? Looks like we might as well forget about it, if we are to believe Bill Artificial intelligence has got most things covered. So we might as well sit back feet up and switch on our Occulluss glasses. Let's leave the the hard work to those mugs the robots. Maybe we aren't as daft as we look eh Bill


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