Our History by Rhonda L. Jackson





If we don't know history we are doomed to repeat it. I don't know who first said this but I do believe it to be true. Germany were hurting after WWI and wanted/needed vindication then along comes Hitler! Now initially Hitler was not taken seriously. He really resembled Charlie Chaplin the popular comedian of the day people did not take him seriously! Who really thought Donald Trump would be this close to the White House? But Trump had America's sweet spot in his arsenal! He had RACISM and RACISM has always been too comfortable for too many Americans! America was built on racism! The Natural Americans were called savages and the early settlers tried in vein to enslave them but they knew the land too well and just escaped. Since these natural people refused to be enslaved the transplanted people tried to destroy as many of them as possible. So when Donald Trump started to malign Mexicans and Muslims and anyone else he took aim at too many Americans nodded their heads in agreement. You see these people have been stewing since President Obama was elected twice and now they have a champion! Donald Trump like Hitler who speaks to their searing anger, racism, and bitterness!! Donald Trump like Hitler tells them what they want to hear because rhetoric doesn't have to be true it just needs to be consistent. The thing with Hitler his paranoia got the better of him and even though the allies did finally triumph Germany was already speeding to self destruct because their leader was amuck!! Will there be ovens, death marches, and concentration camps? Well some of these things are already a part of our rich American history so we don't need to repeat that but first and foremost we need to know our history!!




Rhonda Jackson

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