It All Comes Down to YOU



If people would put half the effort they put into criticizing politicians and foreign boogiemen into affecting positive change, just imagine...

It seems all I see, read and hear anymore on television, newspapers, blogs and on the radio is hate speech towards the Russians, or the demonization of Donald Trump. STOP! Before you leave this page, hear me out for at least a few more sentences or another paragraph or so...

I know, I know, for some people, it may sound like I'm defending the "Commies" and "the Donald;" but I'm really not. The point here is that there is so much of a focus on negativism, pointing fingers, scapegoating and critical-comedy, that I think everyone has lost sight of why things are in the state they are, and why the socio-economic-political system is falling apart at the seams.

Which brings me to this... Whenever I am confronted by someone who is taking a stance on an issue, and I can see that no matter what I say, or how much evidence I produce, they will still just shrug it off and keep blathering on; I stop and ask them a simple question: "Okay, assume you are right, and you get what you want, then what?"

The person is usually taken aback and befuddled by my inquiry; let me give you some examples of what I'm talking about.

In the case of the so-called "Russian hacking of the election…" First, I'm going to assume that you know that the voting machines weren't hacked or hooked up to the internet -- what the media and politicians mean by "hacking" is the claim that they gave WikiLeaks the DNC emails. But I digress... So, okay, let's assume that the Russians did what the Obama administration and Democrats have now laid out. Then what? Obama gets some CIA and NSA hackers to put a virus into some Russian government servers? Then what? They cause several millions of dollars in damage, or expel some diplomats accused of spying (which they did)? Aside: All embassies (including ours) overseas are used for spying and hacking. Then what? There is egg on the face of some Russians? Then what? STOP! Putin is not going away anytime soon. What's the goal here? Do the bureaucrats in Washington want to start World War III and have the world destroyed by a thermo-nuclear war? None of this will stop computer hacking by other countries -- except WWIII of course; which will be the end of most life on this planet. Yes, unfortunately, countries like Russia, China, India, Pakistan -- even North Korea (and many others) are now nuclear powers; which means that conventional wars with them are not an option. If a nuclear power is threatened with annihilation (like we did in Iraq), they'll have no choice but to retaliate with force. Retaliation with super-powers always escalates; and before you know it, you've got millions dead; or worse, armageddon. How little we have learned from history...

The fact is, we've been hacking them, and spying on them since the Cold War (and before); and dozens of countries around the world have also been spying on, and hacking, us (and them) for decades (or longer). Nothing will be accomplished here accept some sort of revenge-gasm by the politicians, media talking heads, bloggers and their followers. Congratulations!

In the case of Donald Trump, let's assume people protest every day he's in the White House; and make his life a living hell. Better yet, let's assume the very unlikely event that he gets impeached. Then what? Pence becomes President? Think about that for a moment... Otherwise, nothing really happens. He stays in office for four years. Everything he tries to do is under the scrutiny of Congress (and the Wall Street corporate Lobbyists that pull their strings). Ultimately, he does what every President has done over the past several decades -- whatever the "powers that be" allow him to do.

The point is, most people don't think things through to the end game. They are so hellbent on the object of their criticism and hatred, that they lose sight of the big picture. And on top of that, rather than actually work on solving the problem(s) themselves, they defer to a politician, TV spokesperson or activist. Put simply, they don't do anything themselves but spread the hate, send donations to the hate-campaigns and maybe go out on the streets and march with a cardboard sign.

People (on both sides of the political spectrum) have come to believe that only the "people in charge" can do right (or wrong). We've been so programmed to "follow the leader" that we see ourselves as powerless individuals. We're told that our only power is exercising our right to vote. Baloney!

The only way things will ever change for the better, is when regular, ordinary people, start acting on their own, and with others. And by "acting" I don't mean protesting or liking a Post or re-Tweeting something; I'm talking about doing things on an individual and local level.

Imagine if millions of people boycotted a store or product? Imagine if millions of people called banks and companies and told them their rates are too high; or better yet, reduced their services, or changed providers. Imagine if millions of people wrote on their monthly bills: "this bill is too high!"  Or, if you just can't let go of politics... Imagine if millions of people flooded the phone lines of Congress and voiced their disagreement with a bill, law, tax, treaty or a military action? I'm sure you can think of other things to express, scribble on bills and make known to your oppressors.

If people made their opinions known directly; and acted directly, the message would get through (and eventually sink in). This is how grassroots movements get started, and more times than not, they succeed.

So for those who thought this was a defense of Trump, sorry. It's a defense of the individual. It's a call to action for sheep to take charge of your life. The politicians and Wall-Streeters don't care about you. You've seen Republicans and Democrats in office -- year after year -- and things keep getting worse and worse.

Civil, peaceful, non-compliance and reducing your dependency on government and corporations is the only way things are ever going to change. If you keep believing in politicians and fearing boogiemen, your life will never get any better.

Take this challenge... Ignore the news, social media gossip and the politicians for one week, and see how it affects your life. If you really do it, you'll find that you will have had less stress during that time period and probably spent more time enjoying life in the real world with friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. 

Though I must admit that, looking at the way things are going, it's probably already too late for humanity. But that still won't stop me from being my own person. I'd rather take responsibility myself, any day; than put my future in the hands of some self-centered, silly rule-maker with a stupid title, living far, far away from me.

All the best!



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