Don't let people mistreat animals in the streets, because in the future you can be charged.


Who makes the hunger of others, an ally used to kill little animals in the street that did nothing to them, will die in bitter water, because God punishes when He said: “You will love your neighbour” and not your alike. This one will die of bitter tears of agony and of suffering of the little animals that they have killed. Here we do, here we pay. Many people in their old age get cambered, voiceless, and we feel pity, however, in their youth, maybe they did many evil acts with the animals, and many of them may have done what I have told above, because nothing gets unaware to the divine justice. Please, don’t leave people mistreat animals in the streets, because they already have the streets as a step-mother.

                                                                                                                                                                                KÁTIA PAES


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