Brexit or not; who cares? Only those with the most to lose.



Will you carry a proxy vote on 23rd June?

With an equal number of credible experts on both sides, the EU referendum looms ever larger in the Media and on the “Clapham omnibus” as we near the final stages of point-counter-point. What all but a handful of the most candid tell us however is that forecasting the effects on the Economy either way is no more accurate than a long-range weather forecast. When I say long-range I mean on future generations, so perhaps climate change would be a better analogy. It depends on what model you use and how you spin the argument to suit your particular view.

If both sides are correct, the risks of getting the decision wrong are substantial.

So, if we won’t know for sure the effects of our decision on 23rd June 2016 for another 20-30 years, why not allow only the people with the most at stake to vote? This would discount the social elite; wealthy politicians in particular. It would include the most vulnerable in society and their children and grandchildren. This is where an immediate tangible impact of even a minor increase in inflation is felt.

The effects of our decision will also impact, no doubt, on people in other countries as a result of our contribution, however you calculate that.

OK, so it’s too late as the referendum protocol is set, but we should be mindful that many of us are carrying a proxy vote on the 23rd June.

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