Western Medicine by Rhonda L. Jackson



Western Medicine

Western medicine has lost the right to our implicit trust!! Western medicine started selling patients in the 1980's and things have gotten increasingly worse since then. First they sold us out to the health insurance companies and when that did not pan out to be financially fruitful for Western Medicine the next big sale was to Big Pharma. Now that sale proved very benefitual especially for Big Pharma! Now just about every man, woman and child in America is being prescribed five pills per day!! We are being prescribed so much pain medicine that we are currently experiencing an epidemic of heroine use in America! Now where do we go from here? Well I say we stop trusting our doctors implicitly!! We ask questions about everything!!! Why are you prescribing this medicine? How long do I need to take it? Are there other treatment modalities other than this medicine? We need to remember to read the side affects of every medicine prescribed by our doctors. The thing is even if our doctor wants to do the right thing the AMA dictates the treatment and they are definitely skewed by BIG PHARMA!!! IJS be a participant in your treatment not a guinea pig!!!

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