USA Election-"REJECT ALL BUTTON" needed



USA has stage managed many civil wars wars-Now politicians re doing everything to divide own country among,BLACK-WHITE and IMMIGRANTS

Whatever rich does unto poor and powerful does unto week is inevitably reversed unto themselves.

USA is running fast towards disintegration- in all aspects of social and national life.

Shamefully corrupt political system now projects Hilary Clinton as president- who stands for everything that as corrupt in USA history.

Politicians have kept everything else but Education as most costly entity.

No one wants blacks and poor to be educated.

So that Politicians can wage war without a reason and weapon manufacturers and Pimps can make money.

This is a  democracy which systematically makes  impossible to win elections without the help of black money.

Otherwise how 2 mainstream parties would have filed candidates like Hilary or Trump.

Is 'who slept with whom' is only issue USA voters facing today.

In next 10 years if drastic electoral reforms so not take place-USA presidents will only represent UAE and MNC companies,who funds through charities to Hilary Clinton.

This election-neither represents the concerns of Minorities,Blacks, Poor or Youth.

Then why people should not boycott elections and end this cruel joke on the name of Democracy.



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