I am Muslim, I am American, I do not hate America



It is so sad seeing innocent people being killed in Brussels, Ankara, and the Ivory Coast. It is even sadder to see that there are people who hijacked my religion and allowed others to write the narrative that Muslims are terrorists. 

Although many will say that Islam means peace, it really means submission. However, it is a derivative of salaam, which means peace. When these people perform such heinous acts, it makes the populace believe that is what Islam teaches. The Qur'an does not instruct anyone to kill innocent bystanders. As a matter of fact, there is an ayah (verse) in the Qur'an that says if one kills one person without just cause it is as if he has killed humanity.

These people are killing humanity in its entirety. I wonder how many people think about who really loses the most each and every time one of these groups of terrorists attack others? Well, I'm here to let you know that it is the every day Muslim who is hurt. Specifically it is the Muslim woman who covers who gets hurt the most because all of the hate and vitriol is spewed upon her. Therefore, I condemn these and all attacks that people are saying they are committing in the name of Islam.

On the other hand, there is another group of people who is also making it difficult for me. Who, you may ask? Those who are running for president, especially those running to be the candidate of the GOP. To call for carpet bombing the infrastructure, what if these people who do it are Brussels citizens, are you suggesting to carpet bomb Brussels?

What about sending police to all of the Muslim neighborhoods in America? Really!!?? I am so flabbergasted with all that is going on. I fear for my children who are in the military. I fear for the children who are in school and will be harassed by classmates and possibly teachers. I fear those workers who will go to work and clients, customers, coworkers will harass them. All I ask is for all of us to let cooler heads prevail and call this what it is, terrorism by a bunch of hate-filled individuals who are hijacking a religion that has 1.3 billion or more adherents.

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