The Learner's Monologue II



Waste Not, Want Not


It is true that we are victims of circumstances, but in a way too, circumstances are victims of us, because as we are creations of them so are they creations of us.

A well-respected capo, Curtis L. Jackson aka V once said ‘Misfortunes come in by the doors we leave open for them.’

We are almost always the cause of our lack due to our care-free act of wastefulness. It is the careful calculation that gives the mind good foresight. A man of foresight sees ahead of now and spends judiciously in preparation of that future time of need.

When we spend our resources in anticipation of times when there will be nothing left, we should not lack when those hard times come calling.

People lack all over again because they forget the hard times when resources arrive so that they revert to needy dispositions soon enough.

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