Don't Look Back and be guilty-It's a Crime



It is a crime against your 'soul' to look back in keep being guilty about past glory and past mistakes.


Never Look Back..Its a crime..

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It is a crime against our soul to Look Back and drown in guilt or past moments.
This is precisely why we have not been blessed with past life memories.
We can generally remember either 'very sweet' or 'very sour' memories.
You can't tell me what you were doing on 4 th July 2011 right?
Or try telling me what You were doing this time last Wednesday?
Our Conscious and Subconscious mind is exactly programmed to be attuned with bliss.
We do not remember anything,until and unless, either a lesson,guilt,pain or complex attached to it.
Why So?

Because as per universal law,we are alive 'today' to fulfill our life purpose?
Whatever happen in between is a lesson, so after passing first grade ,will you reconsider going back there while in 10th standard?
Same way you need not to revisit your good or bad past other than to offer gratitude.
Once you adopt this attitude, your personality will be changed and you will become a 'happening' person.
Divine Law is such that ,we must be one with our 'Life Purpose' and use today to live completely and to manifest our future, as there is only one 'opportunity' to create you 'desired future' and that opportunity is this DAY.
So dedicate yourself to today- so all tomorrows and yesterdays henceforth will be nothing but MAGNIFICENT.

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