What exactly is happening in our society more to the point in our collective minds??

Yesterday I wrote an opinion regarding the police officers who say they refused to do the duty of security for Beyoncé. I was questioning how ‘public servants’ had the choice of picking and choosing who they will protect and serve.

I was ignoring in my mind, at that time, that the United States Congress is really playing the same game with Obama’s rights as President, per the Constitution, to appoint the person who will take the place of Scalia while refusing even to consider the legislation that would close Guantanamo.

It’s the ‘trickle down’ effect, infecting the thought process and it’s growing by leaps and bounds hitting us on our jobs and transferring to our homes!! Bully is the proper word and a strong sense of ‘by whatever means necessary’ is the process they adhere to.

People wonder why Donald Trump is winning by just those leaps and bounds of twisting the rules to do what they do and in his arrogance he gives praise to you for your ignorance. While Ben Carson feels he can define who is ‘really’ black just by the way one is raised when in reality it’s all about the color of your skin.

The distortions of reality that are crossing my awareness are stifling my view that things can be better. People claim one thing about Donald, even the Republicans, yet he still rises in popularity saying things like ‘I could kill someone and still have your support’ – he recognizes the fact that people are like sheep they ‘need’ someone to follow.

He has insulted women, our “political state” based on Obama’s input, he is a bigot who uses words to attempt to cover his mission and still he is pulling votes of the evangelical population. He insults different countries and their people, Latino’s and their ‘criminal past,’ (according to his revelations) even though he hires them on his construction jobs (is it so he can pay them lower wages), other candidates and their families yet, he is pulling the votes of these very people.

While Ben is not even relevant and with his recent statements about Obama not being black he shows me more and more his inability to see things clearly, more to the point he demonstrates the divide in a race that needs unity instead. As I sit in my room and watch this circus act play out, I’m left shaking my head tying desperately to analyze just what I am seeing and how ‘we the people’ are sitting back allowing it.

And that’s the way I see it!!!



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