On Freedom of Speech



©All Rights Reserved 

Freedom is locked up in our minds; 
Chained by laws, by values by norms. 
Conventions and morals acting as poison; 
Suppressing it with a tight invisible hold. 
Our hearts can freely feel, 
But our eyes could lie. 
Our thoughts can roam free, 
But our tongue could be tied. 

Who amongst us could claim to be free 
With words to spare with every heat? 
Write IT and there is Libel, say IT and there is Slander 
Do IT and there is Gossip, not to mention the Police 
So we hide, behind a handshake and a smile 
We create a secure party line — Anonymous 
Byline, untraceable... pseudo-identity, unrecognizable 
With our ink we explore an alternate life 

We create recreation area for our freedom 
Social media, our haven, our panic room 
It's there that freedom is free to be really free 
To express raw feelings and thoughts 
Kill someone, love someone 
Spill secrets, your own or not 
Undress yourself, fuck someone's brain out 
Meet strangers and open your true self 
To be bold, blunt and opinionated — to be REAL 

Freedom is scary 
Because we are humans 
And we are afraid: 
To be isolated; 
To be punished; 
To be ostracized; 
To be shunned; 
Of rejection; 
Of attention; 
Of pain; 
Of love; 
Of discovery; 
Most of all... 
We are afraid to be free. 

Why do you think law exits? 
So liberties could be managed 
Where does your freedom ends? 
Right there where other's begins. 

If you are looking for freedom... 
There is a sign on the door that said, 
Global Scriggler.DomainModel.Publication.Visibility
There's more where that came from!