Beasts From The Past



This is an attempt to narrate the unexplained pains that came at me like stray bad winds...pains that represent imminent implosions if proper diagnosis is not timely administered

Ever got to a point in your life where you’re just tired of everything? Where the dawn of every single day irritates you?

I’m asking this question as someone who has experienced this. It happened sometimes around when I was 21. I was continually feeling tired of everything and was constantly looking for solace in anything I could grab on to. The options were very few then. Even my so-called hobbies couldn’t help out. The social media pages couldn’t fill the kind of emptiness I felt inside of me. Everything sounded stupid. Everybody was annoying for reasons I couldn’t explain. Even rap music irritated me!

Although I’ve grown to become an environmental introvert, I am originally an extrovert. The kind of people person who, half the time, wants a space of his own. I figured this and I left home to work at a seaport; a job that involved sitting at the seaside --alone. This went on for a while before I added music (cool music only) to my list of go-to solaces. Good sex (I lacked enthusiasm for the rough and energetic type) happened to be of help too and gradually I felt myself coming back to real life; I found the strength to deal with the several suicide attempt flash pictures that were cooking up in my head.

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