Going Ga Ga over Ga Ga



Talk of Lady Gaga next possible acting job got me thinking....

Going Ga ga over Ga Ga

Scanning through a magazine recently I came across an article that claimed that a movie was in the pipeline about the legendary American singer Dionne Warwick. The piece was all very blah blah blah until I came to the bit that said, that featured in the storyline would be Dionne's great rivalry with our very own Cilla Black, and the producers would like none other than Lady Gaga for the role of our Cill.

I wonder if like me you are having difficulty getting your head around the idea of one of the a modern day Diva's like Gaga getting into character as a sixties scouser. That's not to say she couldn't do it. Gaga's likes breaking the mould. It wasn't to long ago that she transformed from meat wearing dance diva to jazz siren, when she teamed up with the oldest swinger in town Tony Bennett to belt out the great American song book. And then she flipped character again when she stole the Oscars with her take on Julie Andrews and performed the classics from The Sound of Music. Talk about Surprise Surprise.

But lady Gaga trying to be a scouser? The great character actors such as DeNiro or Daniel Day Lewis would have no problem becoming a local . They'd up sticks from La La land and book passage on the first ferry across the Mersey, then immerse themselves in the culture of the city. They be calling everyone 'lad' and bouncing off the walls in Weatherspoon's before you know it.

If Lady G did decide she's was up for the part and decided on he town version of scouse immersion therapy, hoping to embrace the spirit of our most famous Liver bird. She'd probably be rather disappointed. Cilla's old stomping ground of Scotland Road ain't what it used to be. The pubs on every corner, and the character building tenement blocks are no more. And the sacred home of sixties Cilla and her contemporaries The legendary Cavern Club, is long gone.

The new Cavern club is more of a tribute to the past now. It's still a Mecca for Beatles fans and acolytes of the late great Miss Black. But would Gaga gain anything from trying to embrace the legend back in a replica version of where it all began. If She thought she could immerse herself in Cilla's backstory and spend her valuable superstar time pinning tickets on coats. And hoping to pick up a few choice scouse epithets, she'd be sadly disappointed. She more likely to come away with a German accent than a Liverpudlian one.

We are very defensive when it comes to outsiders trying to portray our city. So Gaga trying to pull off a faux Scouse accent and the 'Hollywoodification' of swinging sixties City centre might all be to much. Giving Liverpool the Mary Poppins treatment would have the Echo's letters page going into meltdown.

If we are to believe that Gaga is up for Cilla then who's they gonna call to play her 'rock' Our Bobby. Anyone thinking George Clooney would fit the bill? Now wouldn't that be a 'Lorra Lorra laughs. If it happens I'll buy a hat


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